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J.B. Oct 26, 2007
I have found someone who has so much in common with me (a deep relationship with Christ being the most important), it's astounding.

I'm excited to continue get to know him more. :)
Tony M and Valinda L (Soon to be Valinda M...) Oct 21, 2007
We just wanted to thank you.

We met on your site a while back, and we got engaged today.

Thanks for this great free Christian service!
M.G. Oct 21, 2007
I just wanted to say thank you for providing this site so that I may find someone that is a Christian.

I have tried so many sites and had no more money to spend on this. You site is awesome and I am thankful to God that I found it and it's free
S.N. Oct 14, 2007
Thank you SO very much.

I have met an awesome Christian man and feel confident that I have found the love of my life.

Thank you! No other site has worked for me, but this one did!
M.J. Oct 9, 2007
I met a great man here!

We are planning a future together and we both thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be part of this site. God bless.
B.S. Oct 8, 2007
Thanks this site was great I found someone and the people on here are of a high quality

One of the best sites I have visited
J.Y. Oct 8, 2007
When I first visited Christian Dating For Free, I didn't think I would have any success since there were very few men in my age group that lived anywhere near me.

A wonderful man contacted me and we have been involved with each other ever since!

I am falling in love again!!!

And I love it!!!
A.H. Oct 8, 2007
REALLY great site!

It's nice to see people are able to meet online for free somewhere on the net!
M.R. Oct 8, 2007
Thank you so much for providing a wonderful place for Christians to meet. I have loved being a member of this site.

I have met an amazing man here and out of my dedication to his love, I feel it isn't right for me to stay a member here any longer.

But be assured, I will definitely refer you to my friends!!! Thank you again, and God bless!
B.A. Oct 7, 2007
First let me thank you for being used by our heavenly father in bringing the two of us together.

I have met the one I believe God has prepared for me and it was through your site. God Bless you.

Thank you so much--I will not forget your blessing us.
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