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The Walking Dead
Posted : 24 Jul, 2012 06:36 PM

Does anyone else watch this? I love the show and I'm gettin' pretty antsy. They showed the entierity of Seasons 1 & 2 earlier this month, but I can't take the suspense. I'm not too interested in Michonne. I know that she's really popular, characters like her are the reason that I'm turned off to many zombie stories.

There's always some katana (or heavy assault machine)-wielding chick in these stories. I could forgive a macheté and crowbar, but katanas take decades to master, and even masters still cut their hands, and assault weapons go through ammunition in only a couple seconds and draw atention to your location.

I love the story because it's believable. You see the psychology of what people do when the world goes to Hell al at once. My favorite characters are: #1: Glenn, #2: Rick & Daryl, and (a close) #3: Hershel. They're natural leaders. They know how to stay calm and the characters have evolved in such the way that you'd expect (And, in Glenn's case, lives up to the saying, "Luck favors the ignorant" but he's cute.)

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