Author Thread: Solagratia Single Female 46 lives in New Zealand

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Solagratia Single Female 46 lives in New Zealand
Posted : 29 Apr, 2013 08:06 PM

Hi gang,

I just want people to know about this wonderful woman of God. She truly walks the walk of a disciple of Jesus Christ abiding in Him and in His love. She is a Medical Doctor who works long hours and has a hectic life that is not conducive to meeting and finding a man of God and she is one heckuva catch.

She is probably the most outstanding Christian woman I have met. Please pray for her and if you have a chance whether you are male or female please drop her a note of encouragement and let her know you are praying for her work and her desire to find a good Godly man of God near her age and whom she can actually get to know in person over a prolonged period of time for the purpose of friends first and the goal of God blessing her with a husband, marriage and children if He were to so add naturally or thru adoption. Her character is incredible. Her knowledge of the scripture outstanding and she abounds in loving-kindness, tenderness of heart and humility.

I think she is discouraged due to problems that seem to inevitably arise for her in communications since communicating in writing is hard for her as she has trouble typing and over the phone while better is hard to accommodate with her work schedule and the time differences and most men just are not smart enough or quick enough to avoid trap of answering her before they really have a clue on a topic or getting left behind in the conversation due to her communication style and yes, she has style, one just needs to realize if any communication problem exist that she is most probably spot on in her analysis and due respect and trust so just ask a clarifying question or two and this should get a guy back on the same page and avoid things spinning out of control.

This dating has caused her much grief and she could use prayer and encouragement.

Blessings and cheers to all!


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