Author Thread: nicest person I have met here

nicest person I have met here
Posted : 7 Jun, 2013 11:12 PM

I would like to say something nice about a girl I met last year. Her name is Thanya. She is 24 years old and lives near Mexico City. She is very a kind and thoughtful girl who really loves God and loves children. She grew up in a good Christian home and has a younger sister whom she likes very much.

There are so many other people in foreign countries who just want to get married to get the visa and come to the USA. But I can assure you that Thanya is not like that. She is a very genuine, real person with good intentions.

I have also noticed that she possesses the characteristics of a good mom. She is very responsible, diligent, humble, and has understanding and patience. She is pretty too, although she doesn't want to acknowledge that. LOL

If you message her, ask her about what she is studying (or studied). And if you notice her making some spelling or grammar errors, correct her kindly. She will appreciate it!


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