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Posted : 10 Aug, 2013 06:23 AM

This is a tribute to my beloved Lalneikim.

My Lady who I found here in this site over 2 1/2 years ago. A simple woman but with a great heart and love for those around her. A great love and devotion for family. A great servant to her community. A great daughter to her parents and a great daughter to her Heavenly father. A great sister to her three brothers and two sisters. A great aunt to her niece and a great neighbor to her neighbors.

Lalneikim and a simple woman but she is greatness in my eyes and those around her. She feels blessed that I have found her but I am the blessed one for this very reason. She is a faithful woman and faithful to me.

I have met with much rejection in life and I am confident of this very truth that she will never abandon me.

Lalneikim is a woman who shows great respect to those around her especially me. Lalneikim is a woman of great honor and lives her life in honor.

It is and has been my pleasure to live a intimate spiritual and emotional life with her. She is a great lover of people and especially me.

Lalneikim faithfully performs her work duties. Faithfully performs her home duties. She stives to be a better woman and a better spouse.

Her cute and innocent personality is very endearing to me including the times when she is stuburn and even angry with me. Her strong emotional expressions give her a great liveliness. ( spice)

She is a woman who knows her mind and will speak it only in respect. She reserves her strong emotions and controlls her self even though she has great feeling toward someone or something. She is self controlled.

Lalneikim loves to laugh and I love hearing her cute laughter. Her laughter is different at times with a simple sweet laugh to a great vibatious laugh right from her belly.

Lalneikim's mind is not complicated with past hurts because she is a woman who knows how to extend forgiveness because she is humble and knows how to receive forgiveness through repentence.

Lalneikim is willing to examine her own motives and understand her own weakness that she might find strength in weakness through her God.

Lalneikim had a great trust and faith in her God that we might relate in the things of God together fully. Together as one we have experience in prayer a deep level of intimacy and oneness that was never before known by us individually. I am so grateful for these experiences with her. For they were and are the deisre of my heart to be one with a woman.

The oneness and communication I have experienced with her has been unworldly. Together with Lalneikim we live a life of dependency as little children before our God.

Lalneikim gives me freedom to be the man I need to be without trying to interupt. She faithfully expresses her need for time that I might fulfill the need in her life but she also never adds to the burden of my pressure of life.

Lalneikim is a good and understanding woman who frees me from the pressure of life due to her faith and faithfulness in God. She enables me to be the responsibile man that I desire to be. She never makes me feel anyless than respected by her.

Even though we have yet to consumate our relationship together I am confident that she will be equally pleasing to me as she has always been. For we are those who give our lives to oneanother.

I have given my life and the power of my life over to her controll and she me.This is due to a great trust and confidence I place in her my sweet lalnei and her me.

lalniekim and I are and were not without conflict in relationship. We together work through our conflicts and move past them with complete resolution and redemption in our lives through repentence.

We repent before oneanother seeking forgiveness and how we might not repeat such offense. We live our lives together on the foundation of peace through forgiveness of eachother and forgiveness of God.

Lalneikim is a great and good woman and I thank God for her.

I am honored to have such a great woman by my side.

Love you!!!!


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Posted : 11 Aug, 2013 06:18 AM

10Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. 11The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil. 12She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.

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