Author Thread: Happy Thanksgiving (Canada)

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Happy Thanksgiving (Canada)
Posted : 8 Oct, 2018 08:36 AM

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada.

We automatically say we have so much to be thankful almost a cliche.

What are you really thankful for?

My mother passed away last April after 20 years of pain with arthritis. She was 93. We were never really close like I would have liked us to be but God provided time. Time alone just her and I (my brothers all live away). A friend tells me often that she hopes her children take care of her as well as I did mom. I didn't do that much. I did try to make sure that she knew I had her back no matter what. I never wanted her to feel alone.

God does that with us always but do we always see it? I saw God everday where mom was concerned. When I was with her, I knew I was exactly where I should be. Now that I transfer in a new chapter in my life, I am searching for God and that closeness with Him. I have a multitude of ideas of things to do, people to visit and places to see (had an awesome summer).

I am grateful for the extra time that I had with mom, how her passing went (special moments), the funeral and how I am handling things with no regrets.

There are more stories of Thanks that surround this during the past 5 years (another thread). Do we look for God everyday? Do we search for closeness with Him?

Even if it's not Thanksgiving where you are......let it be anyways, everyday.


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