Author Thread: Praising the Lord by confessing our sins

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Praising the Lord by confessing our sins
Posted : 17 May, 2019 02:06 AM

Yeah, I know this might sound weird to many, many people out there, but I do believe I have understood one of the several reasons why we should confess our sins (even some ugly ones). Human nature would dictate that we must please you, people. God's nature shows us that we should please Him. So hiding our defects is not a great idea, for the Lord knows the truth and will either grant us what we ask Him at the right moment or reject our petition in no time.

A while ago I was talking to a woman that at the end of her confession told me that I made her recall her ugly past. I don't care if she just made a comment or clearly blamed me for it. Actually, that should never be the point of confessing our sins. We should do it because we are called to testify about the One and Only Savior. How can we tell others that he did something amazing in our lives if we keep his greatest works hidden from public view the whole time? The truth is we just cannot. It is good to tell all those beautiful things he has done for the sick, the disturbed, the insecure people, the persecuted and so on. Still, is it not even a greater job than any other job to forgive a sinner that suddenly realized what His ways actually are, what life is really supposed to mean? Since He did it by sending his Holy Spirit to convince us of our sinful nature and begin a process of spiritual transformation better known as the new creature, we cannot find any better way to express our gratitude than by doing the same the apostle Paul had to do when he met the Christian community in Jerusalem: let them know how the Lord has changed our lives!

Are you ashamed of what you did in the past? Then you got to be listening to his Holy Spirit! No matter what other people think about your testimony, you only depend on God's approval not on human opinions to know if you are truly pleasing the Lord and Savior.

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