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This is important to know about bc
Posted : 17 Aug, 2019 03:26 AM

"Just realized there may be some here who are not aware of this. BIRTH control is not pregnancy control! Pro Life Christian people are tricked every day into taking birth control methods that are exactly the same thing as the morning after abortion pill.

Sadly all forms of chemical birth control are abortifacients. The pill, mini pill, patch, shot, implant, and IUD. You name it, it comes with a Plan B of it's own. In the case that these methods fail to prevent ovulation (Up to 30% of the time with some of these!!!) Then there's a back up plan involved so that if you do become pregnant, your already developing little one won't be able to attach to you and will wither away and die. This happens at such an early stage that your little one is so small that you likely will never even know you were pregnant. They'll simply pass with your next cycle.

Your baby already has gone through so much development at this point and already has their own DNA! A unique and special person is already growing and forming!

The companies who manufacture these products, and the doctors who endorse them, get away with claiming to "debunk" this scientific fact because their definition of a pregnancy is when your baby attaches to your womb, which is EXACTLY what these products aim to prevent...thus they can claim "our product does not end an existing pregnancy".

If your birth control method states that it thickens the uterine lining to prevent implantation (all of them do 😢) then your birth control is an abortifacient (causes abortion). Don't ask your doctor if your birth control method causes abortion, they'll probably scoff and assure you that's not the case. This is because they are assuming you mean the unscientific definition of pregnancy beginning at implantation vs the true and factual definition, pregnancy beginning at conception.

Instead, ask them specifically if this method prevents implantation. This they can't, or *shouldn't* lie about. Preventing your tiny little developing baby from being able to attach to you is a chemical abortion, and exactly what the morning after abortion pill does. The ONE AND ONLY difference in regular birth control and the morning after abortion pill is that regular birth control usually (but not always) aims to prevent conception from occurring, but makes the womb incompatible with life just in case you do become pregnant. The morning after pill skips straight to making your womb an inhospitable place." quote from Amanda Freeman

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