Author Thread: Where are the Runners?

Where are the Runners?
Posted : 17 Sep, 2010 05:52 PM

I thought it would be fun for the runners to have a forum to say hi and share tips. Here are some questions to start off the discussion.

Are you a runner? Why do you run?

Are you training for a race? Tell us about that race?

What is the longest race you have done?

Here are my answers to get us started:

I run to stay in shape.

I did a 5K yesterday and I am doing a 10K tomorrow! The last race I did was the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Challenge 5K. Lots of companies put together a team and they run or walk for fitness and fun. The next race is the Big Peach Sizzler 10K which runs through Atlanta. I will make sure to stay on track training for the Big Peach Five Miler and the Atlanta Thanksgiving half marathon. I also want to do the Diva series in Puerto Rico in November 2011.

The longest distance I have raced is the half marathon. I've done several of those in Atlanta, San Antonio and Charleston. I am probably going to tackle a full marathon sometime in 2011, so let the training begin.

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