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I have a non-Profit for vets...
Posted : 11 Jul, 2016 11:42 PM

I am Vietnam Vet and my dad retire from the Air Force he past away. My mother also past away. I do have mountain of legal issue that I confronted with: 1st I was convicted 1984 hurting Frank my son given 15 yrs. Done my time was release Oct 1988. I ask God for years for woman that is compassionate & warm loveing.

Aggresive challenging the court action the defendant (me), unkowingly suffer PTSD-Agent Orange (AO)(cancer), & TBI. And not knowingly my son have down syndrome. Thus I should not recieve a harsh sentence.

Defendant, marriage, family, and children's ; reliogouly rights and all Constitution rights, thereof, violent rape, strip. To be subjective to the Texas as slaves and property of the State. File a Pition a parent/ child suit as grandfather for Xena Zuniga, as my only granddaughter. I hire attorney but I am going to need financial support and some form of assitance. I cannot go into deatail cause of the sentive and privacy of the case. I obtain a small loan and paid in cash to get court actions to move inorder to protect my granddaughter.

Contact Linda Leeser, Attorney (210) 997-2914, to voice your support.

Thanks everybody. for your support.

Frank LeMoine