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Single Christians and Sex
Posted : 29 Mar, 2018 09:20 AM

Alright heres response,,, it is all about whose you belong to,,,,If you are walking with the Lord,,,have died to self,, reborn living in Spirit full Joy, love, peace, set free under blood Jesus,,,and read your word and have intimate relationship with Abba Father, Spiritual seeking his will for your life,,,,Holy Spirit will help and lead you,,,,,I suggest you get linked up with some strong prayer warriors,,,and lift each other up....and seek the Lord,,,,even as the new wine,,,dont even complare to wordly wine,,,,and then then God sends the right mate, ministry partner,,,,,,youll have precious gift you both share in marriage life,,,,,amen ok Amen so I pray Holy Spirit lead and guide all to their perfect mates to complete the will of guide upon their lives....


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Yoked equally
Posted : 28 Oct, 2011 12:16 AM

Amen if you living for the Kingdom of God, and your life revolves around his destiny he has chosen for you, When youve experienced Jesus and have intimate personal relationship with him, Holy spirit dwells in you and works through you,,,you gonna want someone with the same passion and sprit filled with a hunger to fulfill what Chirst created them. Mighty warriors for the Kingdom man loves woman as christ loves church,,,,,thats love and woman who submits to her man,,,,,,under the authority of the lord jesus christ.......enough said

unequally yoked not for courtship

or marriage........

god bless

Kimberly Fire Ministry revealing the mystery.

Passion to be ignited by holy spirit set ablaze with his love.


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Outward looking in
Posted : 19 Aug, 2011 02:21 AM

Hello and ALoha Bible says he who finds a wife finds a good thing. And I believe we have the right to pray and ask god for our preferences such as handsome amen I agree you inner beauty reflects to outside and God knows how to pair up two people with like interests ministrys passions, and If your just be truthful and honest and follow the bible Gods will be done. I live Hawaii and deal with mental health consumers and I find beauty inside each and one of them and try to over look the mental health disability in them, God is showing love through me to them someone who cares for the ones world feels aren't worth thinking about. God has really changed my heart to whats important in life, amen he is number one and he will guide your heart. Trust in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. God bless all



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Devotional for Today: The Goblet of Grace
Posted : 4 Aug, 2011 01:11 PM

Yes Amen we must be thristy for Christ and when person is thirsty in the hot sun, they take big swallow of the water and body so refreshed,

When we come to Jesus, thirsty and just ask and believ he fills us overflowing and our body gets so rejuvinated, Amen and fills us up with his joy, amen his waters is living waters.

He wants us to have personal relationship with him and deep intimate relationship with Lord Jesus Christ is daily life changer amen and changes others lives because his love shines through us that affects others, we bring light into the dark world. Prasie Lord Jesus God bless

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