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An awful lot of ladies on here are looking for a future marriage partner and have virtually nothing in their profile. If he came across your profile right now, are you planning on him being telepathic or what?

If you're from another country or state, don't even waste your time sending a message. That never works out for anyone.

I like kids, but I'm not interested in anyone who already has kids. Everyone has their preference.

If you're 'Separated' and looking for a date, you're still technically married. That's an issue in itself.

I see lots of complaints in profiles about guys wanting to message or text a lot before meeting. I fully support this and here's why: those same ladies also mention in their profile that they've met a lot of people in person and it didn't work out, so they're back on the site. Usually with profile phrases like, "Here we go again..." Of course it didn't work out. You were impatient and blindly met someone that you barely knew anything about because you didn't want to message or text to find out that important info ahead of time. It was said to be a 'waste of time'. Would it have been a waste of time? Nope. Instead, you would have not wasted your time meeting all of those people and would have known ahead of time by their info that they weren't a match. Hence, these detailed profiles on all of these sites that so many don't want to fill out properly.

I'm not in a hurry to find the right lady. I am not pressured into meeting anyone immediately and I won't bother with people who push that agenda. That's a sure sign that something is wrong if you're grasping at straws with instant blind dates and have the audacity to get 'mad' at someone who refuses to meet you immediately in person when they know very little about you. It's also about more than just outward appearance alone. I prefer a lady who will just be herself. You don't need a perfect smile or body. I'm looking for my perfectly imperfect lady. Someone to actually marry someday, grow old with and stay with one another for a lifetime and mean it with purpose. With that being said, even in my significant medical struggles mentioned below, I try to stay reasonably fit even if it is especially more difficult for me due to those struggles. Why do I do that? I like keeping my body in shape. It works best when I keep it in shape. There's nothing wrong with a lady having a little extra weight, but I don't want to have to worry about their health due to that earlier on in life, either. For that reason, irrelevant to outward appearance, that's the reason why I hope that people take their health more seriously. I'm accepting, yes. I also used to be a very active and fit guy and I still am reasonably fit, so naturally I look for someone who can keep up in life when I'm "back in the game" and more active again in the future. Our bodies are temples, so take care of your temple. You only get one. A number of my girlfriends over the years had a little extra weight and that was not an issue, so I don't want to come across as judgmental; just that I care about everyone's health.

I'm not a perfect Christian, but I'm looking for a lady with at least some basic Christian beliefs. That's not negotiable. I'm moderately conservative, but not a prude in life. The saying of, "Don't be so heavenly minded that you're no earthly good" is an applicable statement. If you want to spend every waking moment of the week in a church building, that's a little excessive and unnecessary, for instance.

I'm not a serial dater and, at 39, I have dated only a handful of people by choice. I'm frequently mistaken to be in my 20's because I'm told that I look much younger outwardly. That's awkward for me and also not something that I can help. The 20-somethings think I'm too old numbers-wise - and I agree. Many of the 30-somethings who are my age just naturally look much older than me and also find it awkward that they more so resemble a parental figure than a date. While some consider that a blessing to look younger, in some ways it is a curse for me. Also, I'm tired of showing my ID for cough medicine or lottery tickets.

I'm not going to bore you with too many details about my medical issues unless you want to know more later, but I will say this: At around 37/38 years old, I was going about life strong. I was making the most money I had ever made, working 40 and up to 55 hours per week, had been in my position for a while and had just received a promotion to Lead of my department at work. Then I got hit with random health symptoms that are debilitating and make life and even sleep every night rather difficult for me. I have been diagnosed by a number of doctors and specialists with some basic medical conditions known as POTS Syndrome and Dysautonomia. These can be caused by many things like an underlying medical condition and even simple things like viruses of various types that hundreds of millions of people around the world get every year can randomly throw the body into disarray and confusion. I have never had Covid to my knowledge and I am vaccinated/boostered, for instance; but even Covid (because it's also a virus) is causing many cases of long-term POTS/Dysautonomia in people that were healthy before. For the above medical reasons, I am unable to drive a car at this time. If that's a deal breaker, so be it. Should we decide to meet in person in the future, I will do what I can to mitigate that situation to either meet you halfway or closer to your area. I don't want your pity, your money or anyone to take care of me. I stand strong for myself and my family. I hope to improve my condition and "come out swinging" with newly learned knowledge of investing for my future, as well. I'm always learning something new in life and I'm looking for a lady willing to work with me in the meantime as I seek treatment.

I never had a party phase, do not dip, drink or smoke. I can be a homebody or also go out and hike trails, enjoy parks and just be in nature. Granted, within reason given my current symptoms. I don't care for places with lots of people; concerts, arenas, stadiums, etc. Not a big fan of sports. I grew up in the big city, but I'm more like a country boy at heart. I eventually want a house with plenty of land in a rural area. I prefer a small group of very close friends over a large group of just hangout buddies. I come from a small family and it has only gotten smaller with time, unfortunately. I help out my only remaining widowed parent and also help take care of an 87 year old grandmother with severe mental issues. Both of them are pretty much the only official family remaining for me. It is important to me that any potential lady is family-oriented and not one of the people trying to always avoid their own family as much as possible.

Hobby-wise, I like music, movies, weight lifting and staying in shape. I played acoustic guitar on and off for about 17 years and lost interest in it. I'd like to get back into it and also learn to play piano. I like song writing. I have spent a great deal of time learning about the stock market and stock investing. I'm a bit of an enigma in that I was born and raised in the South, yet I have a Northern-like accent that no one in my family has, including a sibling.

Thanks for reading!
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We'll deal with that after friendship. I will give my opinion that strangers in situations like this should always meet in a public place where they can have fun and not be pressured as if they are in some kind of interview. Do something where you both can have fun, experience one another's personality in the process and be able to determine if you want to continue in the future. If someone is pressuring you to meet privately somewhere, it is most definitely not the right kind of person.
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