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Kind hearted, physically strong, spiritually growing - Grateful and Thankful. No criminal record.

Reads, the first English Translated Bible, the GNV Bible (which was slightly before the KJV), the word Slave is not mention in its new testament translation. Was an "Servant type Jubilee" 49 years? How accurate are English and other translated bible versions?

Consider that the British (English) who wrote the "KJV," went even further many years later by Creating "The Slave Bible" in 1807 to make it easier to Indoctrinate. The Slave Bible was edited from the KJV.

Believe the original Disciples accounts were inspired by God, but not necessarily Centuries later, the european translators - translations were unbiased. Similarly, the American grade schools History and Literature text books full of omitting true depictions of the past to influence an alternative view. Some summarize the latter as pure propaganda. And the former: The Portraits prominence of an pure looking european Jesus speak for themselves.

To Edify: There are still some Sincere, Good, Kind, people of the european heritage - as of old and presently. Without our brothers and sisters charitable hearts in humanity, satan would manifest even more evilness, deceitful selfishness, subverted egerness using Religion to justify supremacy. Disfunction runs deep in the continuous Oppressed.

Enjoy Fishing and Boating, good books of interest, news articles of current and past events. Good long walks doing spring and autumn are refreshing.

Enjoy watching some sports, in particular Football and Basketball but others on occasion. If home, silent recumbent exercise bike while TV sports watching are good sweatings.

I am a Democrat and prefer not to bother with the "45ers" personally, hopefully forgive but not excluding accountability.
Being aware and not gullible increase from experiences and knowledge. The Lord can give discernment.

Question, metaphorically speaking I once heard: Should crabs in the bucket be cooked?

I may,, or may not be considered boring to some traveling the Wide road often times Unbeknownst. Confessing being Save don't always make it so.

I fall short and refuse to allow satan convince what's Wrong is Alright; he's clever in compromising that. Demonic strongholds can take Root.

I,, like others,, are sinners in the need of God Mercy and Forgiveness and Prayers from each other. A Spiritual warfare has always been real. Believers are smack dead in the middle of it. And God made "Female" for union with Male.

Will He say - Depart from Me you Workers of Iniquity without Christ-Like-Love for All? Supremacy don't work in this Gate, and Mercy were Kind for more time, but the "HEARTS" were still wrong? No subjugating settlers type christianity in the Homeland of the truly Free,, Heaven. Newer versions are around,, there go their "HEARTS."

Consider this Too:~~~>

One "Hour" to Man equal "Three Years" to some Insects, and "One Day" equal Seventy-two Years! But 1,000 Years to Man equal "1" Day to God.

Founding in Hypocrisy after fleeing religious persecution, a land that was already inhabited by the Natives, this mighty NATION hasn't been "1" Day Old Yet.

Using the Old Testament to supersede the New, thereby justifying their devilish logic by taking by force and "Cunningly," the Lands,, Properties and Lives of the Weak; the brutal Ungodly enslavement of the Blacks - no compensation; the heartbreaking unfair criminal justice system; the deceptively angry - fear for my life murders; the privilege complicit evolving domestic terrorism; the constant suppressing, purging, restricting the ability to Vote; thus, many justify. *JESUS WORDS* should not be Superseded by the Old Testament. *JESUS WORDS* also = certain kind of Socialism, not Selfish Greedy American Style Capitalism often mixed with Bigotry. Did I mention the discreet adversaries including sabotagers in other serious areas? No! . .

The richest Nation in the World without Healthcare coverage for all its people and shelter for the poor, with Multimillionaire Preachers and Institutions. Would the biblical wealthy Job allow his countrymen without shelter and care? What is the Mark of the Beast? I surely don't know. Could it be Melanin-less?

Judgement is coming but too All, even the afflicted.

*IMPERIAL RECKONING GULAG in ->K* are one of many examples of the "Mother" and Cousins of the (u.s) Nation,, subjecting God Children how to violate, brutalize and hate each other for Centuries. Perhaps every Country of Blacks and Natives & some Browns trying to live their own lives, here come the biblical demonic type masquerading as:-> ("Angels of Light") - emulating descendants, proliferating and inflicting supremacy; not teaching their Versions and than Leaving but rather in the name of so call christian civilizing, (Colonizing), subjugating the Lord children and Profiteering. Doing it to the Least of Thee, the Lord say you're doing it unto Me. We are deep in Revelation. Which Seals been broken? Which Horses been ridden??

Far unlike the "Honorable Levi Coffin Christianity."

Ah,, Make America Great Again?? The complete story in his own words, Solomon Northup, an early American, most Riveting!

Confessing sin, asking forgiveness, speaking repentance, going to church and even believe there is Jesus, will not get you into Heaven - if your "HEART" is still "Evil." Satan have most cleverly Defeated thee then. Will the Lord Grace allow Heaven to become Polluted? What about the deliberate false witnesses and slanders so prevalent, and even in the Church too? And those illegal invaders of privacy, looking for dirt, looking for gossip? Would there be Peace in Heaven with that?

What encompass biblically the word Evil? It covers much but Love is not included.

~~~~~~~>Matthew 7:13-14 <~~~~~~~

Revealing the pernicious personification of the Nature of the Nation: the "Deceiver" nourished Roots. Is the Nation the 2nd BEAST? Are the signs the coming of the Lord soon?
The "R" ->"R" will no doubt, attempt to explain the Truths away,, like "four__-____."

If I make it thru the Pearly Gates, "Glory Haleluya!!!

Trusting in Hopefully Unadulterated Jesus Words... Faith to Believe.
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