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I am a African Queen awaiting my African King. I want a royal love. I am a life giver, a encourager, a influencer, all of these giftings are of God. I lay my crowns at Jesus Feet.
God has taught me to be content in all things. God has kept me. I know God will give me the desires of my heart. I would like to meet a man who is same. Preferably a pastor who knows he needs a committed woman for a wife. A man who will go beyond the veil with his woman in prayer.
How you treat me is more important than how much money you have. Respect the Queen in me and I will respect the King in you. My king must walk in the wisdom and understanding of God.
My Heavenly Father wants me to have the best.
God made me a black woman and everyday I thank Him.
Just like the woman at the well, or the woman who touched the hem of His garment..., I need Jesus more than anything. My life is nothing without Him.

Can you laugh at life and be serious at the same time? When life trips you up, do you make good of the trip by doing the next best thing? I'm no drama queen. I believe set backs are set ups for come backs. If the lemonade is too sour put more sugar in it.

I bring light to dark situations. My man must be able to do the same. Our lights must compliment one anothers, not try to outshine each others. I love to stand back as my king shines in the light of Gods' glory. It is all about the Kingdom.

Don't get me wrong, I love all people. All men should walk in kingship authority. But, I need a Black King. I am a black mans missing rib.
Only my love can comfort you in sad times. I identify with your souls longing for equality, as you seeks truth in your innerman. Because I myself experience the same struggles. The scars of the past from the whips and chains are still embedded in our lifes. As I run my hands across his back, I can feel them.
Only now we are thankful for them because they have made us stronger than most. Our ancestors bore the pain so we can walk in integrity and strength.
Only I can hold your face in my hands and bring peace to your mind as we kiss. I would convince you to stay focused when others try to get you to look to the left or right, because they want what you have. I would remind you of your passions and that you and I think soul to soul. I'm the one you are looking for...your lady...your queen.... it's me baby.
First Date
Go fishing with my brothers. I need to see him be a man among men. It's easy to be a man among women. Don't be up! :laugh:
No seriously, I would like to go to church, then dinner...
with my brothers.:laugh:
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