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Since you reading this i must have passed the photo test lol.. That's great but i want someone who sees the inside of a person. I want you to know, you have just stepped onto amazing territory, that which you cannot see, which is my heart, my character, loyalty and zest for life. I believe love is the answer to all the loneliness in the world. I don't think anybody should be alone when there is really so much love out there waiting and wanting to be found. I am seriously looking for marriage and a committed relationship as the years are going by and i don't want to waste time on dating sites for the next few years of my life lol.. I really want to find that man of God, best friend and husband. A person in ministry at a pastoral level would be awesome, but not necessary at all.

I personally think we have the right to risk our lives in order to save it; even if it means putting ourselves out there with no guarantee the connectivity of chemistry would hit a spark somewhere. The truth is; to be in love- is to truly and wonderfully be alive, but one has to become vulnerable in order to seek and find this mad, passionate, crazy love. It goes beyond that though, It is finding a partner who would inspire the other person to grow beyond what they already know, and both must bring out the best, they never knew they had in the other person, which will eventually lead to finding this overwhelming feeling of love, purpose & significance.

For me it is all about putting Jesus Christ first. I love God and try to have a strong relationship with him. Today the task to find a man of God has become mission impossible but with great possibilities out there. I guess we just got to keep searching. Prayer and works(effort) makes things happen right? To be honest I can't seem to find a man of God, who loves Jesus over the limit in my own surroundings and we all are not getting any younger. Youth gets old very quickly lol..So I thought it is time to venture out of its boarders....
I am prepared to search the world, even if it means leaving my wonderful, amazing life to find this love. I am oh so ready to find my prince charming.

I presently have left USA due to COVID-19 after NY lockdown but will be be back from South Africa as soon as it is safe to return. I love both places equally the same. I am committed, loyal and faithful.

About me, I'm amazing, please to meet you and thank you for reading my profile thus far. My Amazing means caring, warm, humble, & interesting. I am a dynamic women with the most amazing love to give to that man in a million. I am a no drama kind of person with high morals and values and respect is always my first point of priority. I am in media to be more specific a radio host and I am also a motivational speaker. I do intend to leave this and go into full time ministry one day soon. I am in bible College. To describe me as a person I would say I am talkative, I have a bubbly and full of energy personality. A very sociable, lovable person who enjoys intellectual conversations, philosophical, creative things and I even love dancing salsa or ballroom to keep fit. l also love peace and quiet i enjoy my own company as well. I love reading and writing, going to theatre, and cooking. I an a great cook. Love eating healthy too.

I am a very passionate women, I like to have outdoorsy fun, laugh a lot, work, travel. The things I try to do is gym and swimming as well. I am looking for a man that I would be able to spend the rest of my life with. I believe a persons happiness is never complete until there is a wonderful soul right beside them. I believe if you contact me that our meeting is not by accident or by chance but predestined for great possibilities. I want someone who is willing to share his life with me, and i with you, together we can work life out together.

I am looking for a man who loves God first ( THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT) must Respect a women be faithful, loyal, charming, loving, caring and stable. I am looking for MARRIAGE, as I believe the bible is very stern on how relationships should work. So if the spark is there, time is short, and dating for next couple years is not biblical, we sever the connection no matter how far we are and make things happen. I so believe God never intended us to be alone, or make us feel we to be alone, so why should we be. My thing about marriage, it works, man say it doesn't but God says it works with a godly partner. I have taken the highway to hell, now it is time to take the stairways to Heaven. Would you like to walk those steps with me. I promise it would be an amazing one together.
At the end of the day, the only thing that a lot of us really want in life is to have that one special person with whom we can grow old with, more than we would want things like money, power, influence, and fame, perhaps love is the one thing that we can all agree on wanting the most out of this world. It’s the one thing that drives us to do what we do every single day of our lives. Love is what makes us wake up in the morning with a huge smile on our face. It’s an incredible feeling when you fall in love with the person you know you’re destined to be with for the rest of your life. There’s a certain thrill and exhilaration there, mixed with equal parts of anxiety and nervousness. But for the most part, it’s going to be a great experience overall. So if you are someone good in all ways, not perfect but a gentlemen in every way possible with God being your centre lets meet no matter how far you might be. I am ready to find love wherever it takes me.
I am really SERIOUS IN MY SEARCH TO FIND true love AND SETTLE, I am praying it happens sooner than later in my life but I leave it in God's hands to direct the right person to me.

I hope you would be the right man for me, generous, extremely kind with beautiful heart, does not see race, color or creed because we all are from Adam & Noah. I hope that our coming together would open doors of blessing and affections in our lives through the grace and gifting of Christ.
My hope - A success story on this website. NO SCAMMERS or TIME WASTERS PLS..If you are not prepared to keep connection please don't respond. AND I AM VERY REAL PERSON CERTIFIED BY MY GOD.
First Date
Meeting for coffee and finding out more about each other and making plans to meet again.. One only needs one Quality relationships in order to make life worth living, one with Christ and the other with your partner which is ordained as one.
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