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Watching TV,Gospel music, Bible study,prayers,fasting,working with the youth,watch wild animals,Boat ridding.
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Here are the desirable components of the man I desire as a husband check your compatibility Amos 3:3. components am also grooming myself to become. If you feel it can work for us feel free to contact me for more discussions. I'm ready to settle for marriage with ONLY BORN AGAIN MAN ABOVE 40 YEARS OF AGE. PURSUER OF GODS KINGDOM AGENDA

3 Dimensions of Man/ Woman ready for Marriage
1. Husband
His Ministry exclusively to his wife in terms of intimacy, emotion, and security for her.
Meets her emotional needs and let wife feel secure in his presence.
2. Father
Abba which means Father - Sustainer,
• Provider
• Protector
Has God’s grace to provide for the family 1st Timothy 5:8 If anyone doesn’t take care of his relatives especially the members of his own family he has denied the earth and is worse than an unbeliever.
3. Royal priesthood
Spiritual head. Has the mandate to enforce the spiritual growth of his family.
• Teach them to read the word of God and use the word as the sword in having answered prayers and victory over the enemy.
• Lead worship which can bring the presence of God amidst the family for deliverance, healing, and victory over the enemy
• Enforce discipline to ensure children grow with wisdom, disciplined and responsible
Woman( Me)
1. Wife
• Take care of his physical needs/ be desirable to his eyes by being smart to bring out the strength of a woman who is lovable.
• Bring the Kingly character out of him. Let him feel he is a King and ruling in his territory
• Let him feel is royalty as I take the pleasure to serve him
• Bring joy, love, and peace to his heart.
• Cage the Lion inside him by respecting him and avoid annoying/nagging behavior which can provoke him to hurt me.
• Be Virtuous woman proverb 31: 10-31
• Noble character (An Entrepreneur),
• Bring him only good things all the days of his life
• Take care of home requirements/Basic needs
• Purchase fields for family farming
• Careful with communication that thinks before talking quickly to listen slow to talk
• CEO of Ministry to support the needy
• Children individual Unique needs are fully taken care of and children appreciate
• Celebrate father’s day to honor and give thanks to God.
• Intercessor to stand in the gap to overcome family spiritual warfare and the entire family

• Avail myself to bear fruit of the womb with blessings from God
• Nurse to give first Aids for the family and ensure they receive adequate health care
• Hospitality CEO who takes care of the family and visitors. That is everyone is welcomed and served with a smile to their satisfaction.
• Homemaker to ensure cleanliness, orderliness, home decoration for bedrooms, sitting rooms, kitchen, washroom, and home gardens.
• All credit for the success of the home is given to the husband.
2. Royal Priesthood
• First teacher of the children and family to leave by kingdom principles
• Complements the husband in family spiritual growth by reading the word, applying in their daily lives, and always pray
• Make it a habit to intercede for the husband and family
• Gives priority to husbands needs and then children later
• Fix husband’s attention to her focus less on relative demands at the expenses of her husband
• Intercedes for the family, fast, pray for the family, take quick action of the dreams of the family by interpreting them, terminate bad dreams in prayer.
• Establish the believers in her household in Christ through discipleship
First Date
Warm Hug and talk in quiet garden.
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