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On ssi since 91 not a physical or mental disability but a bad child hood with mom passing and foster homes
Find a good hearted woman honest, careing, if your a young or a Trickster or have a fake profile seeking information or just plain rude with no manners and respect and nothing nice to say just stay away eventually you will be found out so don't try it i
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Single have not been married have not had kids, i been on Social Security since 91 not a physical or mental disability my mom passed at age 6 i grew up in foster homes since age 11, i did not try to get i did not think i would but they gave it to me and it helps it gave me a chance to do the kinds of things i like to do and be my own boss, also remeber this is not a church that put this site up it is just good people, i do smoke cigarettes it's an addictive habit not important and if I meet someone that doesn't like it I would simply quit. What did Moses say to the caveman that was finger painting with charcoal from fire pit a picture of a bull inside the cave Moses holding his Ten Commandments tablets of stone Moses said Thou shalt not worship false gods well the caveman said I've been on this planet thousands of years before you and the caveman proceeded to pick up his Club and pound Moses in the head, kind of got that from the Charlton Heston movie of Moses where the people were worshipping the statue of the bull but were they or anything mankind takes pride in observing on this Earth, don't get me wrong the Commandments are good and true and things like that all societies from our past believe in, also it is known in history that Moses commanded and led Egyptian Army's out of Egypt and attacked several cities, the Bible's that contain the words thow, shall and ye and so on were written and created about the time a portion of society was using those words 1700s and 1800s, but is a good book for teaching about good and bad moralities
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