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Homemaker,freelance writer
Im a outdoor country girl ,born and bred.I enjoy the creations of God so I love to go walking and hiking exploring waterfalls and the beautiful nature..and anything to do with horses..I love riding horses and going to rodeos.I also like zoos and traveling
About Me
Hi..I'm Sharon..Thank you for looking at my profile.
I'm looking for a date someone local or at least within 100 miles...I do want to get remarried one day to the man God has for me no matter where he's at.I prefer men that are at least 5"11.but I may make an exception for reasons of my own...:)
Also I usually don't date outside my race but if your Irish or Scottish then by all means..let's love Ireland and Scotland..if you'RE from Israel,Bethlehem..and youre a Christian Jew..I'm interested.:)
I had a wise old friend tell me when I meet a man,he should have a reference from his thought that was pretty good..wonder how many men would agree to that...but I won't ask nobody to do that so don't fret..I was
If you're looking for someone who is HONEST,faithful,attractive,affectionate,artistic and understanding,loyal,sensual,then leave me a message:)..Im also a passionate, creative,woman who believes in commitment and is not into fly by romances
Chemistry is important in making a connection.
Its very important that the man I seek is HONEST,giving,has a sense of humor,hard working but knows how important it is to make time for fun and time for each other.
Are you goofy,or laid back adventureous to some degree,caring,passionate,affectionate easy going and loving,kind,attentive,caring.?..I would love to meet you.
Please include pics without sun
glasses too..your eyes are windows to your soul..
Its been awhile since I've been in a relationship and I'm ready to fall completely in love and feel a man's touch.I want to feel my hand in his hand when we go for a walk .I want to feel his arms around me as we dance and cuddle.I want to be kissed under the moonlight,under a mistletoe again.I want that chance to stare in each other's eyes..I love romance.
If that's what you desire as well,I pray God will send you my way because I know He will choose the right man for me.
I wasn't able to write all the things I like to do on the Interest section.
I enjoy the little things in life..I enjoy growing my own flowers and vegetables.I'm looking for someone to sit on a porch swing at night and watch the fireflies dance through the darkness,or laying on a blanket beside a campfire on a crisp clear night staring up at the stars hoping to catch a falling star,listening to thunderstorms and the rain on my metal roof.
My favorite seasons are Spring and Fall..I get the most inspiration to write during these times.
I enjoy family time,playing board games, doing outdoor activities,going to zoos ,movies and church
I'm told I'm a great cook.I was raised the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. I cook a delicious caramel cake.
I love exploring and touring historical homes and plantations and learning about its history.I love antiques and going to flea markets.
I cannot have children anymore but I have a grandson I've raised from birth and he's 11 years old,he loves to fish. If you have children,thats a plus in my book because it's easier to relate to someone who is familiar with the awards and challenges.
My faith as a Christian and dedication to my Savior Jesus and Father runs deep.He is my first love
.I prefer not to date someone that serves a different God than mine...I served Jehovah .. if your faith doesn't line up with the word of ,it doesn't line up with me.
I like to laugh,be witty, and joke,be goofy at times and innocently flirt.I may call you baby or honey or's a southern thing y'all.
I love being romantic and carefree and creative.
If you're still reading, thats a good indication youre interested:)
I hope everyone of you that is sincere finds your true love.Please be real and honest from the beginning.
First Date
It depends on the weather and seasons. If it's cold and. rainy I would like some hot coffee and a fireplace so we can snuggle up...if its summer,a walk on the beach then a movie so we can hold hands.
If it's Fall,a nature walk..with a picnic and later lay on a blanket till night and snuggle under the stars.I like to hold hands and cuddle,maybe even let you sneak a kiss.
I'm very romantic and creative,at times be prepared ..I'm also open to your ideas and see where it goes;-)
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