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I am nothing but a sinner saved by Grace. I grew up in a Christian home, but it wasn't until my mid twenties where I truly knew The Lord. I knew the divinity of Christ from a very young age from witnessing the power of God that authenticated who Christ is according to the Bible, but I never truly understood the depth of the cross until I saw the wretchedness of my own soul.

I do not subscribe to any denominations (its teachings/doctrines) - simply a Bible-believing follower of Christ. The Bible is my first and final authority, and The Holy Spirit is my Teacher.

The Word of God means everything to me - my source of truth, my hope, my liberty. I desire a man with the same love for Truth, who'd be devoted to studying the whole counsel of God and plans to raise a family in the knowledge of the Truth. The pure counsel of God, not the theology of men. So, if you subscribe to reformed theology like Calvin’s or Luther’s or Augustine’s, or think that we should have to hold to fallible men’s teachings rather than the Word of God, we couldn't possibly be a match.

So you can imagine I don't subscribe to teachings like the prosperity gospel, word of faith/name it claim it doctrines, dominionism doctrines, insufficiency of Scripture and extra-biblical revelation beliefs, or third wave movements (toronto blessing, lakeland revival, brownsville revival, etc); or 'christian' new age practices (holy laughter, third heaven visitations at will, visualization, contemplative prayer, impartations, christ consciousness, yoga, etc); or twisted/heretical teachings like sacramental salvation, replacement theology/supersessationism, Christian Palestinianism, 'irrestible grace and limited atonement', universalism/annihilationism and the likes; or cultish denominational teachings like IFB's KJV-onlyism.

What I'm truly seeking?

A unworthy sinner who has found mercy.

Who now lives for Christ. Who honours His Words and is no longer a slave to sin. Whose citizenship is heaven, and awaits our blessed Hope. Who wants to share His love with the lost.

Someone who actually searches the Scriptures and tests all things (Acts 17:11; 1 Thessalonians 5:21; 1 John 4:1). Who contends earnestly for the faith in the midst of all the deception around us (1 Timothy 4:1; 2 Timothy 2:15).

If you stand for biblical Christianity, I don't really care where you may be from. In view of eternity, earthly distance is superficial. If you're for The Kingdom, I'll be your helper/ezer kenegdo. A 'helper' or equal partner as understood by Scripture, not a household slave as understood by the culture of patriarchy. Patriarchy may have been a part of Christian history, but it doesn't make it Christian. Patriarchy is sin, and has never been God's design for the human race. Patriarchy is what followed as a consequence of the fall in Genesis 3. God made both men and women as equal beings, void of hierarchy in Genesis 2. Believers are never called to Lord over each other, or to assume superiority over another. Instead, Scripture instructs us to honour and submit to each other - mutual respect and submission, with the loving and servanthood character of Christ.

If your "Christianity" is about christian identity doctrines, politics and the veneration of Trump, the 2nd Amendment, the great replacement theory, and/or just those couple of Bible verses against homosexuality and abortion but not fornication and adultery and systemic racism/oppression and ALL other sins, we are not a match. All the best with your search.
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I would appreciate meeting to study the Word of God together, to pray, and to exhort one another in truth.
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