Eleutherius (El-yoo-theer-ee-us) means "Free man" in Greek.

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Church name & attendance? Not currently attending, in transition. When attending I go more than once a week. I make an effort to pray, study & worship every day. I was raised in a home were we went to church (baptist) very infrequently. Came to faith at age 23. I'm not your typical rank & file Christian. I'm not a conformist. I am a bonafide believer. If your not a believer, ring me up, I'll share. There are a lot of misconceptions swimming around in the Christian faith. I'll enlighten you. My theology is not "carved in stone". By theology I mean what I believe about God, his nature & characteristics, how he relates to us, how we are to relate to him & how we are to relate to all of the rest of his creation. I believe I am a finite (limited) & fallible (prone to error) human being, we all are. For this reason I keep an open mind & am always willing to reevaluate what I believe. I do have many very strongly held beliefs. Nonetheless praying about, examining the scriptures, studying & discussing our beliefs when done in a spirit of seeking the truth is something that can yield many benefits to each individual believer & the church as a whole, which is made up of all genuine believers taken together as a whole. Eleutherius (El-yoo-theer-ee-us) means "Free man" in Greek. This is the Hellenized name the great reformer Martin Luther (Born 1484, died 1546), the father of the Reformation gave to himself. Doing this was in fashion among the theologians & scholars of his day. I consider myself an amature theologian. I am a "Free Man" as I am not bound by the strictures of religion that others would want to impose on me. I live my life according to my convictions & the dictates of my God given conscience. I believe in the authority of the Scriptures. What I share here is an effort on my part to share things about my faith, which is important to me. Only Jesus was "sinless", that is, "morally perfect" who else is morally perfect? According to "Strong's Greek Dictionary of New Testament Words" the word "Christian" is defined as " follower of Christ" (STRONG'S REFERENCE # 5546). One can be a follower of Christ without being morally perfect. All of Jesus followers in the first century were sinful - in need of a savior, as all of us are. Unfortunately there are many churches who teach that "Christian" means to be "like Christ" & if your not like Christ your lost, damned, not redeemed. This is a sad misconception that leads to "self righteousness". Perfectly righteous people don't need a saviour, only sinful ones do. I don't believe we should refer to our selves as "sinners", we are "saints", but we certainly are not sinless saints. While the righteousness of Jesus Christ is imputed unto us (attributed to us, credited to our account) we certainly do not become perfectly righteous "in actuality" the moment we are reconciled to God. After our reconciliation to God, the 2nd "shun" begins, "sanctifica"shun" which is a progressive, on going, work of God in us that continues to conform us to the likeness of Christ our whole life through. This is the differentiation between "actual" righteousness & "Imputed" righteousness. That many believers are ignorant of.

I'm a believer (in Jesus). A follower & disciple (disciple means learner - you could say student) of Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah (Messiah is the Hebrew word for "Christ").

I'm a truth seeker. Whatever the truth is I try to live by that. It can be very tough to discover the truth, & even tougher to live by it. I believe that thru faith in God we can live out the truth. He can enable us to. So when I stumble I get back up & continue my journey. Apart from him I could never do it. Nor can anyone - in my view.

Jesus said: They who hear my word & believe on him who sent me have "EVERLASTING LIFE" & shall not come into condemnation but are passed from death unto life. (John 5:24)

"EVERLASTING LIFE" those words are synonymous with "IMMORTALITY". Allah didn't say that, nor did Muhammad , Buddha didn't say that, Vishnu, Brahma, or Shiva (The Hindu Trinity) didn't say that, not even Moses said that. If someone said that other then Jesus, I'd like to be informed.

I hear Jesus word & believe on him who sent him, for this reason I have immortality. I'm not afraid to die, because when I do I'm going to a better place. I do want to live out my life here on earth as God would have me to, I trust he will enable me to. There is a reason for it, we are all here for a reason. The scripture says "Whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved". Jesus offers us more than anyone else I know. That's why I point people to him & his word (the bible). You to can have immortality. If you don't already, call on his name - Jesus. If you want more guidance contact me. TYVM
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Nothing to intense. A time free from distractions. Coffee or tea, conversation. Somewhere in a public place, bookstore, cafe or mall. Not a full meal at first, necessarily. Going for a walk. Maybe something spontaneous. We should become acquainted. No pressure, or high expectations. I think we should keep it simple 1st time around. I welcome your input here, what would you like?
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