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Working with kids. Soccer, my dog, Ministry work. Hanging out. Watching movies, traveling, Bible studies and prophecy, Christian concerts, Any type of music, reading books,Harry Potter, Disney, Drawing, Charity, Tv shows, survivor, Once, AGT and friends/
About Me

Thanks for viewing my profile.

I will consider myself to be friendly, understanding, caring and helpful.

Looking for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage. Been heartbroken before and I really don't want to go through that again.

My desire is to serve him. I'm on this site to meet new friends and possibly meet the man God has for me to marry. My desire is to find a godly Man that will glorify God in a relationship with me. Someone who loves the Lord and isn't afraid of commitment or change. And someone that I can communicate well with and won't judge.

Looking for someone who is loyal, caring, funny, friendly, understanding and strives to be like Christ.

God has a special plan for us. I have learned in my most troubled times that the Lord is with me and his love is what gets me through. Many people have hurt me in my life, but the Lord is always with me.

I'm learning to view myself the way God views me.

I love the Lord and try to be a godly woman. I love music, reading, movies, and having fun with friends.
I work with kids and am a kid at heart. I'm a Disney fan at heart.

I also love dogs and have an Australian Shepherd.

I love spending time with family and friends and I desire quality time in a relationship. With the little time we have on this earth, I believe it to be important to be with the ones you love.

I'm by no means perfect, nobody is. I also know that no man is perfect. But if it's in God's will, I know the relationship will last.

I believe marriage is for life. What the Lord put together, let no man take apart. If you really love someone, you are with them though thick and thin. You don't run away when things get tough. You work things out.

I also believe that if you really love something or someone, you will pursue that person or that thing you love with all your heart. No fears, doubts or insecurities will prevent you. Any reason not to do something is just an excuse.

Life is short. Don't let time pass you by.

Also, honesty is important.

I love the Lord and try my best to live for him. I'm trying to learn how to rest in his love for me. He is faithful. No other can love like he can.

I desire to be a mom one day.

I really want to get married and start a family. Looking for someone who loves God and wants the same things.

God has also put it in my life to spread the Gospel with children. I love children's ministry and am involved with child sponsorship.

I also want to adopt one day

God is good. He's always with us

Its great to meet people.
It takes time to know someone. Not in a rush and definitely want to get to know the person. I want to meet the right person before going further. I also want to get married and settle down. If that's in a man's heart, then great. If not, please don't waste my time.

Looking for someone that puts the Lord first above all else. Someone who will help me to grow in my faith and someone that I can help as well.

Communication is important.Both partners need to work together and have the same goals and be on the same timeline.

We all have flaws. Looking for someone in whom I can accept their flaws and he needs to accept mine. Of course we all need to grow in our flaws. The purpose is to become more like Christ.

And I value myself and my body and what the word of God says. I will give myself fully away only in marriage
But I definitely love to be romantic and cuddle.

I desire quality time in a relationship. Time is precious and should be spent with those you love. Life is short. If you give me your time, this says alot about you and I admire that.

I am friendly, caring, and understanding and patient. I am also a planner. Being an educator, I find security in making plans. Of course life gets in the way. And I am flexible. But the Bible says that people suffer with no vision. The Bible also says to be called to a purposeful life.

I desire someone with the same qualities.

I have many great goals and desires in my life.

Right now I desire to become a Christian School teacher and to fall in love, get married and have a family.

I'm hoping to find the one on this website.

Thanks for viewing my profile.

God bless
First Date
A nice time at a restaurant; nothing to grand. Taking things slowly.
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