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GOD, HIS WORD, Obedience, Faith, Prayer, Reading Puritans, Studying THE HOLY BIBLE, Fellowship, Conversation, Walking dogs, Traveling.
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GOD, HIS WORD, Obedience, Faith, Prayer, Reading Puritans, Studying THE HOLY BIBLE, Fellowship, Conversation, Walking dogs, Traveling.
About Me
my name is lower case for a reason…i am NOTHING without CHRIST! INTEREST: GOD, HIS WORD, Obedience, Faith, Prayer, Reading Puritans, Studying THE HOLY BIBLE, Fellowship, Conversation, Walking dogs, Traveling.

What am I looking for? A humble woman who fears and trembles at GOD'S most HOLY and Righteous WORD, THE HOLY BIBLE! One who cannot get enough of THIS HOLY DIVINE BOOK! one who LOVES GOD as HE IS revealed in the Person of THE LORD JESUS CHRIST and HIS WORD and is not willing to compromise the TRUTH for anything in this world.

Hello, i am a reformed pastor, not a newly covert, been in GOD’S Ministry for 23 yrs now, my life…well beings that it belongs to GOD, it follows that it naturally evolves around HIM (FATHER. SON, HOLY SPIRIT). I hold to the BIBLE alone, not man’s traditions, as my final rule of faith. I am reformed in my doctrine, being in full agreement with Calvin’s T.U.L.I.P (google it if you don’t know what it is). I do not watch hellivision (tv) as it tends to detract the Christian’s mind from the things of GOD to worldliness’ (read 1 Jn 2.16). Besides, our time is limited here on earth, and it needs to be spent Glorifying GOD, not the lusts of the flesh, eyes, and pride of life, as it is seen on tv. I believe in working hard at whatever GOD puts before you to do, your ENTIRE Life should Glorify HIM, no stone/sin being left unturned to HIM. I enjoy a simple life and the simple things it has to offer, the birds, animals, trees, rivers, hills, etc., I don’t desire to be rich in anything other than THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. I am just a pilgrim passing through this land of woe, perhaps you could join me, if it’s according to HIS Will. Feel free to p.m. me. Thanks! “Offer the sacrifices of righteousness and put your trust in THE LORD! (Psalm 4.5) I’m self employed and receive no stipend from man in the Ministry, GOD writes my paychecks, even as HE did for CHRIST and Paul, both temporal and Eternal.

Marriage is constituted by the sexual union I.e. “one flesh” (read Gen.2.24, 24.67, Deut.21.11-13, Mk. 10.9, mt.19.6), not by a vow, not by a wedding ceremony, nor by a written contract, neither by the exchanging of rings (none of which are found in Gen.2, which goes to say that if GOD required any of these man-made thing HE most certainly would have instructed Adam to do so, but HE did NOT, praise GOD! Furthermore, it is not by some person clad in a long black robe claiming to possess the rite to bestow and “pronounce” a man and woman husband and wife, really? who gave you that rite and power? Not GOD. Oh, how man loves to play religion, in fact, he loves to play God! Repugnancy.

I have no problem with a wedding ceremony, so long as it is worded properly. GOD never bestowed on any man the rite to pounce another man and woman "husband and wife", the status is not changed unto a sexual union takes place, this is what establishes the marital covenant between a man and woman, viz., the sexual union. Technically this union is only broken by two things: sex with another person (as this reestablishes a new marital union, hence voiding the prior union in the sight of GOD, for now the unfaithful person has become ONE FLESH with another, thereby establishing a NEW Marital Covenant, this rendering the previous one void); the only other thing that nullifies a marriage in GOD'S Eyes is death of one or both of the parties.

Divorce, in GOD'S Eyes, takes place each time a person has sex with a new/different person; for you cannot be ONE FLESH with more than one person at a time; and it it is this One Flesh union that constitutes marriage; not a ceremony, vow, rings, etc., all are ok, but none of which create/constitute marriage between a man and a woman, ONLY the sexual union does this. This is why sex is to be RESERVED only for two people who have committed themselves to a martial union: First mentally, followed by the actual physical union (one flesh) which consummates the new union/marriage. This then needs to be declared openly (with rings vows, ceremony, ect.) so that the world may understand and recognize you as a MARRIED couple, so as to avoid any confusion regarding your newly established relationship in marriage.

As for the sign gifts such as tongues, prophecy, healings, visions, etc., they have all passed as recorded in 1 Cor.13.8; they were temporary in scope as a mean to verify tge WORK and WORD (which is now complete) of GOD to the 1st century world. "If anyone add to THE WORDS OF THIS BOOK, GOD WILL ADD TO HIM THE PLAGUES WRITTEN IN THIS BOOK"(Rev.22.28); this eliminates any further revelation from GOD, HIS WORD IS COMPLETE, THERE IS NOTHING MORE TO BE ADDED TO IT.

Baptism is reserved for those who have been “born-again”, a baby is NOT born-again, therefore he should not be baptized. Just as he is not administered the LORD’S Supper, for he has never repented of his sins, the Scripture says that he who repents/believes shall be baptized (mk.16.16, acts 2.38). Babies are in a state of grace, therefore some go to Heaven, but to say that ALL go to Heaven is to impugn the Sovereignty of GOD.

As for the End Times, we are only waiting for CHRIST’S Return, where final Judgement will take place (1 Thess.4.14-17, 2 Pet.3.6-13), then a New Earth shall be created (Rev.21.1-5). There is no rapture of the church where some will be left behind to go though some great tribulation. The Church has been in Tribulation since the time of CHRIST (Jn.16.33).

Women are NOT allowed to teach/preach GOD’S WORD over men (1 Tim.2.11-15, 1 cor.14.33-35), this clearly eliminates them from any overseer’s office in the Church, such as pastor, elder, teacher. They are to instruct one another in practical matters of Godliness, not in Scriptural exegesis which has been delegated to the man (eg. Gen.3.16).

“GOD works in us to will our conversion, and by HIS Sovereign Power brings it about.” -John Owen

My sermons https://youtube/b76QJxFxpVE

P.s. CHRIST is my Sabbath (Heb.4), hence I am not Sabbatarian; the Sabbath is no longer a day to be observed, but A PERSON TO BE OBEYED, VIZ., THE LORD JESUS CHRIST (LORD of The Sabbath) Why? Because HE IS THE DAY of REST for all who believe in HIM. The Sabbath of tge Old Testament was merely a Shadow of CHRIST who was to come (Col.2.16).

The tithe was buried with the Old Covenant (2Cor.9.7 on giving).

Finally, there is no such thing as “free-will” before or after conversion, if there were then GOD would not be Sovereign!

Note, I’m not interested in “religious traditions” (read Mk.7.13) or even Church traditions, if you’re looking for a Pharisee, you best look on…Also, if you disagree with any of the above, please do not bother sending emails or winks, unless of course you have a Scriptural question that you would like answered, thanks.

pps. If you’re looking to be put on a pedestal to be my idol, count me out, there’s only ONE WHO is lifted up in this house…GOD.
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