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I would be lying to you if I tried to pretend that a physical attraction isn't the foundation of a relationship. But it's exactly just that, the foundation, the platform to build a true mental, spiritual, and emotional relationship off of. I believe all aspects need to be there.

With the physical stuff said, I'm not like the way a lot of women describe men. If I don't think our personalities would match up, it doesn't matter how physically attractive I find you, I would never waste our time. I need to love you and who you are to put serious time in with you, otherwise we are just wasting each other's time and that's not fair to anyone.

At the moment, I'm not "looking" for a relationship. I believe God wants me to put myself out there and keep my options open and even make friends. When that part turns into a serious relationship, it shouldn't be from trying to make it happen. It never works out in the end that way. Patience will allow God to put the right person in our lives when the time is right!

I'm a bit of an introvert and on the reserved side when you meet me. I'm naturally uncomfortable around new people. Sometimes even when I receive a message on here I'm hesitant to respond(so please don't take it personally if I don't! Sometimes I overthink things, which I am working on bettering) But once you get to know me and I get comfortable? That's entirely a different story lol. That's when the jokes and sarcasm and fun side of me comes to surface. I definitely am very honest and open about my emotions too. I think it's important in relationships, new or established, that people know where my head is at, and vice versa. That opens the door for great communication, which is extremely important.

I was raised Catholic and was an alter boy, but never felt connected with God. It was more of just following a tradition to me and I honestly just felt very bored and stopped going for years. I have no bad feelings towards the catholic church at all. I've realized over the past few years that my issue with it is there is no spiritual growth going to catholic mass. It is impossible to learn and apply new things when it's the same exact service every week. I started visiting non denominational Christian churches over the past three years and that's when the relationship with God finally began and the Bible started making sense. There's something new and exciting to apply to my life every time I go. The music celebrates God with the happiness and worship it deserves, and it's much more personable. My first time at Hillsong on Easter Sunday 2016 made me realize the only way to live is by having a relationship with God through Christ.

My church attendance at the moment is tough because I'm a retail manager and that requires me to work during church services. I play bass and guitar and even play Saturday night worship services when the time permits.
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Keep it simple. Coffee shop is perfect. It's a nice way to break the ice
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