I seek a woman with a positive personality, healthy self-image, inner strength and a caring heart.

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Teacher; Financial Planner
Exercise, nature, reading, the arts (theater, ballet, concerts of various kinds), teaching/tutoring, wise money management; I'm not interested in overseas relationships.
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[Please note that I'm not interested in overseas relationships, and I'm not at all interested in staying in Arkansas.]

Ladies, if your profile has more than a few lines about yourself, thank you very much. :) If you like my profile, you're welcome to send me an initial message, but please include a few sentences, not just a word or two.

Anyone who's had difficulty with relationships (and not just marriage) might appreciate this book, the best one on the subject that I've ever read: *Lies at the Altar* by Dr. Robin L. Smith. It's old enough to be quite cheap online, and I can't recommend it highly enough.

I'm well aware that online "dating" is more of a meat market than anything else, and I'll never win a beauty contest. Neither am I anywhere near "perfect," as I've made mistakes and can still fumble through life. That said, I seek a woman with a positive personality, a healthy self-image, inner strength and a caring heart. She's dedicated to spiritual and personal growth, good communication and staying fit. I'm hoping for a best friendship ideally leading to marriage.

If you're familiar with the Myers-Briggs personality test, I'm an INTJ/ENTJ (scoring right in the middle of the Introvert/Extrovert category), and my T is quite close to an F (and sometimes spills over). I'm a moderate J and a strong N. This test has helped me understand myself--and others--much better.

As for my faith, God is Love, and I stand in awe of that. I center my life on Christ's greatest commandments. The Parable of the Prodigal Son tends to make me cry because of the compelling portrait it paints of a God of love and grace, mercy and forgiveness. Institutional religion, however, bothers me at best and sickens (or angers) me at worst.

And let's get his out of the way, too: I think a balanced perspective is the healthiest approach to politics. We can all see the lousy results of the current polarization in Congress. That said, I think 45 is supremely unqualified for any public office (and he always has been); I find his immoral speech and actions truly disgusting. Although I appreciate the concept of limited government, the GOP has demonstrated an intentional, collective and public lack of integrity to the nation and its Constitution since the early 90s.

I have a dry sense of humor and really enjoy kidding people, but I'm basically serious and thoughtful without being withdrawn. I have a strong intellect but think very highly of intuition. I'm a listener, but I love talking about subjects that matter. I also love to laugh, and I smile a lot when I'm in a comfortable or positive environment. I really enjoy meeting good people, and I believe friendship is the best relationship in the world.

That belief about friendship is the basis for my approach to anyone on this site.

Feel free to ask questions, and if you love to read, please let me know! :)

I'm trying to make as much of a positive difference in this world as I can, both professionally and personally. Professionally, I'm a financial (and strategic) planner and investment advisor who seeks to help individuals, families, businesses and nonprofit organizations become financially stable and sustainable. Because that doesn't yet keep me busy enough, I do a lot of subbing in my local junior high and high school (and love interacting with those kids :) ).

I eat a whole-foods diet and try to exercise five or six days a week in a rotating fashion. An old sacroiliac-joint sprain forces me to modify my yoga practice, but it still works. :) I also hike, run trails, do weights/calisthenics and swim (typically when the weather's warmer). I'd love to cycle, too, but I lack a bike at the moment.

Here's a portion of my resume:

91-97 Ph.D. Marine Science, U. T. Austin*
89-91 M.A. Biology, UCLA
82-87 B.A. History; B.S. Biology, Ouachita Baptist Univ., AR
83-84 Exchange Student, Nigeria
80-82 Cadet, U. S. Air Force Academy, Colorado

*I did my biological research in Puerto Rico on box jellyfish.

I'm a good listener, a good intellect and a good cook. I'm a slightly above-average athlete, but (sigh) I'm a below-average joke-teller. :)

I've really enjoyed amateur acting and singing but haven't been on stage or risers for a few years now. I use my voice as a narrator (and occasional minor characters) for an ongoing, Milwaukee-based, dramatic radio program produced for kids ("The Brinkman Adventures").

Six things I could never do without:
Genuine love
Real friends
A meaningful life
Nature and the ability to get out in it
Great books
Peace and quiet

P. S.
I'm so tired of this search for a best friend. Not to search, however, would be so much worse. And finally, from what I've heard from women over the years, I've probably never experienced online contacts as negative as what you all typically endure. I'm sorry that that's the norm.
First Date
I'm up for a wide variety of things as long as we spend some time talking about what's important to each of us.
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