Allowing God to teach me his way of love good.. and change my ideals for intamacy.

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I will be in Alaska for a while being the church
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Alaska fishing process, Construction and student.
Cooking, forests, doing art, fun events, nature, building and fixing things, romantic walks, art shows, music, beaches and water fun... Romantic rainy days... cuddle to a movie.. no bars, no clubs, no seedy places..
About Me
I am Chris Wise,

I love the Lord thy God with all my heart... My faith is In Christ hello... I've been asking God to give me a new ideal as far as sex, relationship and community is concerned in my mind... his way not mine

I tried to be active... I am in great shape... I try to keep myself that way through hard work... So that the woman I might one day be with, will be happy what I have to offer .

I'm sure this is kind of long... But some things need to be specific... And hold value. I don't relationship hop or sleep around, to me, that's septic

I am falling madly in love with God... and that is my first priority. Jesus is first.

God is love and only He can teach us to love as He loves. I am trying to learn God's kind of love build my character before I get in a relationship. so I have something to offer instead of baggage.

if you do not have a picture of you're self... then I probably won't talk to yo.. this cannot be one-sided... Play fair because it's just not fair to talk to an icon.

I was a social justice advocate and activist in Seattle for about 20 years. I taught people their constitutional rights. I tend to be a little more conservative, but I am independent. I love helping people and organizations... But I don't think that those things should come in going to your family if you have one they are going to build one. (My GF or wife will always come first after Christ.. above career, friends, even my own needs). I do believe in being proactive, not every battle is worth fighting... People need Grace. love is the answer to every question.

I like volunteering in the community and helping out nonprofits I love to write creatively an art... helping nonprofits with the grant process and fundraising as a hobby.

I am a romantic man, faithful, loyal and fun. i have been celabate for about 4 years.... waiting, learning to develop into a better man. I am proving that I am being exclusive, loyal and committed, even before I meet that right woman

being a celabit man in this age is tough, but I want the woman I be be with to know I told a lot of woman no...and I refused to jump from relationship to relationship. that I fought hard to protect her honor for years before I met her.. that u overcame tests and will not betray her... tested and tried in the fire to give her something honorable, exclusive, intimate and worth she knows that for me, she is worth waiting for and fighting for and building up my inner man for.

I try to stay humble, forgive quickly, try to listen and understand genuinely and admit when I am wrong and I don't have to get my way all the time. i do not tolerate violence in any relationship, no excuses (my mom was an abused woman). no excuses.

I Try to let God love me, as I mature in love. i am no better than anyone and I try not to act like I somehow could be.

I believe that true love and intimacy can ONLY come through and be taught by God The Father in a true way.. Because God is love...

I believe in intimacy, exclusivity, loyalty and faithfulness and until I find HER... until thenI will be a good example of what an honorable man is, as a single man, who respects women and loves like our God loves. I stand beside the one I love, only in front to protect, shield or scout.

FB me... Chris Wise

Love her like Jesus loves the Church... Looking for a Faithful woman who loves Christ and puts him first.
First Date
Our first meeting I would like to be somewhere public but not too crowded, were we could actually talk and not be too distracted... Somewhere casual yet comfortable... Like a coffee shop... Maybe a quiet art venue... Or even just a walk... I wouldn't really want to do anything like a movie... Not right away...
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