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First Baptist Church of Morrisville
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Electrical Controls Engineer
God/Jesus first & foremost, church ministies, acoustic guitar, skiing, snowboarding, DIY, sharing my mate's intrests.
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About me:
Well, as a super-hero exhausted from trying to save the world it's time to use my superpowers for me. So here goes, being serious while still trying to have a little fun here too... First & foremost, I am a true Christian and I love my Lord! You will find me to be genuine, kind, compassionate, understanding, hardworking, faithful, honest, trustworthy, respectful, devoted (as are most super-heroes!). Good character and integrity are paramount to me. Generally enjoy being active and am relatively fit with average-medium build (5'10", ~185-lbs, size 42-reg). I like to ski & snowboard, and generally prefer outdoors especially in mild weather. I play guitar & sing, which I'm told can bring tears to one's eyes (hopefully not from lack of talent!). Personified by others as a serious type (don't really know where they get this from!) but am nonetheless very playful and spontaneous, which I hope you to be also. ;) I can cry, apologize when wrong, and laugh when I goof up (though I'd rather it be someone else!). A great sense of humor (though too often I seem to be the only one who "gets it" - hmmm!). A gentleman with an open mind & heart, who can develop a deep meaningful relationship, and unafraid of commitment. I understand that there is a place you can touch a woman that drives her absolutely crazy! ...Touch her heart! And with lots of love to give, I ultimately want to meet my best friend, lover, and partner for life! I seek "the real deal"! Btw, I am obviously no super-hero (the cape gets in the way and I don't do tights!), but I would really like it to seem so in the eyes of just one special beholder - you.

About you:
While (mutual) physical attraction is very important, am actually seeking something much deeper and you should be too. After all, beauty fades or can be tragically be taken, then all one has left is their character virtues, which I respect & admire greatly. I want to be with someone I can live with if I were blind, and who actual desires me in the same ways. These virtues are what I also want to fall in love with, not just your outer beauty. I want reason to have great respect & admiration and be in awe of you, inside and out. Some call this chemistry! As far as physical attributes go, I hope to find someone that is generally attractive, relatively fit, height is unimportant but please be height/weight proportionate. Age is rather insignificant, although I do tend to prefer a bit younger than myself. If you have children, this is perfectly fine with me, I would actually welcome that. I also tend to prefer slender and smaller features, but this is not a hard-fast prerequisite. Ethnicity or race is pretty much irrelevant to me, and in fact it even intrigues me a bit. As I said, good character and integrity is paramount, and you should be honest, ethical, possess good moral character, and have a reasonable attitude and personality. You love our Lord (it would be nice to serve and honor Him together). You are open-minded, curious and endeavoring to share and explore inner thoughts, feelings, passions, desires, dreams, ... whatever.

Bottom line is that although neither of us are perfect we nonetheless admire and desire each other from the inside-out, we turn each other's head, and can curl each other's toes! And I'm looking forward to (finally) meeting you! God bless!
First Date
Attend church services, either your church or mine, or even another. Then walk, sit, and talk a while. Or, an evening meet for some drinks and conversation. Maybe lunch or dinner too, if it feels right.
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