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4 Yr College Degree
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College Instuctor teaching Dual Enrollment classes at a High School.
Just about anything which involves the westen outdoors; horses, jeeps and camping.
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I enjoy leading a simple life consisting of God first, Bible, religious and spiritual study, ever looking for Truth. Other responsibilities and hobbies include work, camping, horses and four wheel drives.

Work: Electrician, Horse Trainer, College Instructor.

I currently live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains just below Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon. However looking to move. California is getting way to insane for me. The sheer number of people overcrowding this beautiful state, the highest taxes in the U.S and politics which defy logic make it unwise to stay.

By the grace of God, I'm financially stable, active, healthy and open to all races. Open to all denominations just as long as there is a real two way relationship with God though Y'shua. Looking for someone genuinely down to earth, someone who can work as a team, drama free and easy to love, a partner rather than a competitor.

EDIT: Only interested in single or widowed. Might, maybe consider 'divorced' dependent on extraordinary circumstances. Those "Separated", please don't waste your time contacting me. If you're married, you are married and imo have no business on a dating site, especially a Christian one!

EDIT #2, My future planes are to live a rustic life style in Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, Montana or someplace similar. Definitely no city life for me (by the grace of God) If you're not down with that kind of lifestyle then I doubt a shared life with me is what you're looking for. If you are, then awesome!!! Hit me up!

EDIT #3;
I have a theory that I've never seen refuted. When a man chases a woman and finally catches her; there's a 50% chance the relationship may last. However when a woman loves a man and finally catches him; there's a 98% chance the relationship will last.

It is the dedication of the woman which fans the flame of true love in a man heart past the the level of lust.

Why do women always put in their profile they are looking for someone "who will accept me as I am"? The way I see it: I DO accept you as you are. If I don't like who you are I'm not going to get with you. If I like who you are why would I try to change you? That's why it is so important to be who you REALLY are up front!
First Date
No date, I'm not into "dating". Hang out as friends doing something we both enjoy. We'll get along and do it again or we won't. Just keep' it simple and real.
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