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Here is some encouragement for our sacred search:
ďThe LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.Ē - Deuteronomy 31:8
A wise older lady from church recently gave me a book about dating. I was encouraged to read words penned to the female readers: "Acts 6:3 states it perfectly, "Choose... men... who are KNOWN TO BE FULL OF THE SPIRIT and WISDOM." This is what the early church looked for in leaders of their congregations, and it's what you want to look for in leaders of your home."

Thatís a tall order, but by Godís grace Iíll give it my all! The Lord is worth it and my future wife is worth it! By God's grace and with His divine wisdom, I have kept myself pure for my wife, built a non-profit organization, helped found a college campus ministry, prepared myself for Asian missions, led a successful Cybersecurity career, taught myself how to make money in the financial markets, run a men's discipleship house, and rehabbed a 6 bedroom beautiful home. Now, the Holy Spirit is leading me on a sacred search for my future wife, and I am excited to find a friend and partner for the next part of the journey.

I'm seeking a woman who is passionately in love with Jesus above all things, who would like to start a family, and serve our Heavenly Father in whatever adventurous ways He leads. Someone who knows how to love people well, and is thoughtful and kind. Someone who likes adventures, and has a deep commitment to serve Jesus by serving others.

Here are some fun facts about me:
Full Disclaimer: Jesus is EVERYTHING to me; He is my Father and Best Friend, my Counselor and Teacher, My Helper and Protector, the start of my day and end of my day, and the absolute reason for every thought and action I take in life (however imperfect I love Him). I'm serious about eternity, and about serving God's kingdom while on this earth. I don't like wasting time on things that are not eternal. Iím not the guy who wants to go to the next worldly movie or play video games with friends (although I can enjoy both)Ö I'd rather crack the Word open and get into worship and prayer and deep conversation about life and eternity. God's presence, mind, and heart are the most fascinating things to me. Prayer and soaking worship is my favorite past time. Interestingly, I'm both an extrovert and introvert--a combo that's a nice blend of my parents personalities. I'm passionate about Jesus, loving people, succeeding at work, running, day trading; but am also a low key type of guy who prefers a simple life: to read, be still, rest, contemplate, pray. I love leaping upon the mountain tops with Jesus, but am also very happy to stay at home and read my Bible, spend quality time together, or work on home rehab projects and gardening.

I love kids, and would like to have some in whatever way the Lord provides.

I love to run, my family and I run races around the country. I have run the KC half marathon every year Iíve lived in KC (8 years), Miami Marathon, Lake Tahoe, and Grandmaís Marathon. I just returned from Boston where we watched my father run the competitive Boston Marathon... he's inspiring.

Iím originally from MN but now live in Kansas City. I love the peace and nature in MN... but am open to living anywhere Jesus leads.

I have a heart for mission work. I commonly host pastors from India and China at my home. I am planning a missions trip in January to India, where I have been asked to teach at a church conference on hearing the voice of God.

Worship is my favorite past time, I have worship music on 24/7 wherever Iím at.

Iím a healthy eater, vegetables are actually my favorite food, and I juice or smoothie everyday. I would love to meet a woman who knows how to create healthy and flavorful dishes.

I work out daily with my coworkers over lunch, we like weight lifting and challenging each other in friendly competition.

I love my career, it is very flexible, and I get to work remotely, so mostly Iíve just been traveling to hang out with my nieces/nephews lately. God has provided an abundance, so my wife will only have to work if she wants to.

I researched my family genealogy in my early twenties, one of my great uncles would gather his family every morning and evening for family prayer and worshipÖ. This is what the Israelite's did while they were rebuilding the temple in Nehemiah. Ever since then, I spend every morning and evening with the Lord. I cannot imagine a day starting or ending without connecting with Godís heart. Soon, I will do the same with my wifeÖ I canít wait!
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