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This part is very interesting and to say the least. I'll share a few and it would only be in order to take the appropriate time to learn the rest the good old fashion chivalrous way right. Praise, worship, studying the word of God, Movies, games, walks, n
About Me
Above all I love the Lord and thank him for creating me and allowing me to be a help in connection to others for the sake of the Lord's greater good in the Kingdom of God. For me I understand it's not me who makes things in my life happen but the Lord having control when I/we step out of his way and into His will for my life. I look forward to the friend, support system, helpmate and one day husband God has created for me that has also been trusting and waiting for me until God's set timing is right and not my own. I enjoy learning more of the word of God, investing in my personal relationship with my Heavenly Father and living a balanced life as I serve believing that the man of God and substance that I pray for even know will have these same characteristics. I am blessed by grace but not here by chance to have enormous amounts of laughter and strength stored inside to share with that one special person who will be by my side and I by his encouraging and holding down things through prayer and more. In a relationship, I strongly believe we ALL have imperfections and flaws which make us who we are unique and rare but for one not many different persons. As a mother I've enjoyed raising my Son and this has meant the world to me in teaching him the ways of the Lord. I desire this for my husband and I as he as the head and us walking in unity in the kingdom of Christ bringing others to see the truth. I am a virtuous Proverbs 31 women who God created to build up her home and not tear it down. I look forward to being appreciated for all of who I am and not that of who I am not. The opportunity to enjoy and expound on bible study, alone time, evangelism and worship with my friend and spouse is what is to be cherished in a God fearing man of God and Faith! An more importantly someone who will love my Son as their own as I would love their child/chlidren as my own. Time invested makes the heart grow fonder when one is sincere and seeks the face of God in guidance in all he/she does. But of all things LOVE being the fruit of the spirit that is operated and I pray for shown in all works as also in my daily life is what I pray to tell Lord for. This all matters especially the heart of someone in my perspective when fully committed without distraction. Family means more than immediate it means what God truly purposed the unity of LOVE in his and the Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth's image as I strive for this to be reflected in my actions and language daily. When we meet we'll both know by our spirit not having to force or wonder...is this the one. Thank you Father in advance for your every kept PROMISES concerning my life and my promise...I look forward to the husband that I shall serve and walk with as we'll blessing your name.

Question - Why continue to keep viewing my profile if you aren't going to speak???

**All of you are very special and we owe to us both in stating up front I would prefer to meet someone locally rather than from across the nations in being forth coming. I have nothing to hide so I will not respond to unpictured profiles.
Should you be interested and be in age bracket on my interest and demographic region don't just wink or view send a message.
Thank you ** God Bless
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I can say these few things a woman should allow a man to take the lead as a protector and guide when the best intentions are at hand of course. In addition, chivalry is not dead and should remain for a lifetime as with honor and respect both male and female this is how relationships are nurtured and grow. There is no show or image to achieve when you aren't rushing to an anticipated finish line but are rather GENUINE from the beginning and know your true heart is in it. Side note there are some woman who have substance and are not out for a physical relationship but actually put GOD first!
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