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God says it is not good for man to be alone, and I agree. I am looking to find a Godly woman who complements me (compliments not regularly required), as neither of us will be perfect. We won't be exactly the same person (that would be scary), but will have similar outlooks on life and hopefully share some "nerdier" interests. In all, we will grow together in ways that would please God.

I am an engineer, so can get a little bit nerdy, but more in the trivia and tech way than a computer gaming way. I've setup a few video recording/streaming setups for different churches and am looking at expanding this hobby to a professional level. I believe I am of service to God through the skills he has blessed me with. I get a thrill of figuring things out, but also when spending time with a woman who is important to me. What we do is of lesser importance than memories gained. If I can't share doing something with someone, it isn't as exciting.

Also, "life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something." And there will be pain, and joy, and sorrow, and laughter. I'd like to stick with more of the joy and laughter than pain and sorrow.

I am looking to spend my life with a special woman, and when I do, she will know more of me than any other. She will see more of me than any other woman. There will be intimacy, and intimacy that I have never shared with another human. I am saving myself for marriage, and will give the gift of commitment to the woman I love, and will love until one of us dies.
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That fully depends on who I am with. However I'd keep things simple. Some light eating, talking, perhaps a deck of cards to do something while we continue to talk. The point is to get to know each other, not sit through a movie and not communicate. I need to know more of you, and you need to know more of me.
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