Love the Lord with all my heart. Been tested severely and passed the test. And Grateful for it.

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Rhode Island
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Against All Hope Ministries
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Every week
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1 or 2 on occasion
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Sure, why not
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Yes but they're grown
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4 Yr College Degree
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Real Estate Investor
Christianity. Helping others. My 4 adults sons. Real estate, marketing, sales & general entrepreneurialism. I invest in myself continuously with useful educations (always have) I am a diligent go-getter. Not a match for a lazy person.
About Me
All my life I have studied business, real estate and self-improvement (health, attitude, relationships, people-building, etc.) It is very rare that I watch t.v. or mind-deadening programs. I like healthy, constructive information; and I enjoy clean movies with a healthy theme.
Excess wealth has only one purpose, to help God's people who need it.
Greatly enjoy creating wealth, it is sport to me.
Am an excellent money manager, frugal but not cheap.
I have no desire to impress people with the look of success. I wish to live conservatively but with stored wealth.
I keep my self in good shape, I try hard to stick to an alkaline diet with minimum starch and very little animal products.
Though I am very diligent and organized, with specified written goals, I know how to relax and laugh too.
Not a good match for the lazy, disorganized, moody or complainers. I am the opposite.
I am a go-getter but you don't have to be.
I like to be highly productive, then relax and enjoy. Balance is something I am trying more and more to get good at.
I want to find that rare Christian woman who REALLY does love Jesus as demonstrated by
her actions and words ... in all areas or her life.
I am a warm, loving and affectionate man. A real man, not just a biological man:
I am protective, loyal, kind and brave.
My character came from passing many difficult tests. And from failing some.
(None of the virtues can rise above courage. The more courage, the more you have the ABILITY to love, be loyal, be kind.)
I have a lot of courage. And I choose to use for love and kindness, by habit.
Planning to travel a lot after I finish building my company up to a certain level.
Enjoy the outdoors very much; especially, the beach, hiking, skiing, walking, sailing etc.
Love to eat out; especially Italian food and Surf & turf (but not frequently because not good for you!)
Would like to have a high-caliber Christian wife to share life with.
By "Christian" I mean someone who puts their love and allegiance to Jesus above EVERYTHING (greed, avarice, pride, un-foregiveness, vanity, envy, jeolously materialism and guile). I already know this is an extremely rare woman.
I believe God's holy word allows me to remarry. I did not initiate the divorce, nor did I cause it. I have been single and without sex for 9 years. Honoring God is not easy. But I love him!
First Date
Go for coffee, tea, hot chocolate or even better = frozen yogurt. Find out what traits match and don't match. For example, I love pets but don't want them living in my home. I want a woman who has good self-control (not moody), a track-record of being reliable and responsible; a long standing habit of taking care of herself in health (doesn't have to be a super athlete, just health and reasonably fit). Is reasonable and appreciates learning in important areas. No cloud pilots please.
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