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So I couldn't really think of what to write about myself without feeling like I'm being neurotic or at least full of myself. Instead I'm using quotes written by people, mainly kids, about me.

"I am so happy to see you and I just love the way you make people laugh and have fun at camp. You are a super star and God loves you." - A

"Thank-you for all you do, not only for the kids but the leaders too." - J

"You are awesome! Your personality is so unique and spectacular. You are really funny and you always make my day happier, thank you." - A

"Thank you for reading stories and help me learn about God and help me feel confident and happy." - A

"You have done the most outstanding job this week! It is so awesome that you can program lead as well as build such good relationships with campers." - B

"Thank you for being so awesome as you always are, and for always checking up on us at random times." - N

"...You have a wonderful presence on camp...You are owning this role." - T

"It's awesome to be able to call you my friend" - S

And now what appears to be some random words in a list but in reality are things I like.

God - Iím a Christian. He comes first in my life. This is non-negotiable.
My Family - Family is big to me. It gets messy, but itís there when it really matters.
My Friends - Itís like family, but these are the ones I choose to socialise with.
Theatre (Musical Theatre mainly) - Iím a drama teacher by training, though working as a sub who also helps with the school musical. (Substitute teacher, not aquatic vehicle.)
Singing - I can not stress, I sing pretty much ALL THE TIME.
Disney - See above.
Broadway - See above.
Teaching - I LOVE MY JOB!!! (Although I sometimes wish less people were involved.) But I get a feeling a new chapter is about to open up.
Camp - Not camping, but camps, I volunteer my time by program co-ordinating camps.
Comedy - Slapstick, puns, clowning, pretty much anything that isnít bullying disguised as comedy.

Well, it's not extensive or exclusive, but this a start.
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You, me, good food, good conversation, the details are flexible.
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