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It was mid-may. I was leaning back in my chair feeling the powder white sands between my toes, with the cascading crystal blue Gulf of Mexico churning a few feet away. The warmth of the Florida sun was sitting above and tattooing my skin a shade or two darker. Pretty soon I’d either need to turn over or risk being baked a little too dark on one side. Like a patty of beef that was misfortuned by a forgetful guardian of the grill.

Before long I cooled myself in those perfect waters, looked up at the scene and realized that while there might not be a heaven on earth, there are places where heaven certainly has touched earth, and made it more beautiful than the rest of the world around it.

You being one of those beautiful things it touched. You are an angel after all, right? ;)

Without question, the first thing I’d want to do on a first date is get to know your heart, thoughts and feelings. So I can treat you right, put you first and also give you the respect you deserve. Your feelings must be given the care and consideration for you to be understood and given the right kind of attention and affection you need in the moment. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’d very much like to treat you like a princess for the rest of your life, without lacking the love and respect for you that a queen deserves.

But the woman I'd like to spend the rest of my life with, I’d also like to whisk away on fun and romantic adventures. Life is short, why not make the most of what God has given you?

What we’d do and where we’d go would depend on your dreams, which I would take pleasure in making a reality with you. But until I can know them more thoroughly: imagine for a moment that the Hawaiian sun is sinking behind the ocean, striking splashes of purple, orange, and fiery red against the few remaining clouds above.. Perhaps we'll have a smooth drink of choice in hand. Tonight we’ll relax, and a little later we'll fall asleep to the sound of the crashing pacific in the distance. Maybe a chirping cricket or two could be heard as a gentle night breeze cools our skin. Softly we’ll sleep, softly we’ll snuggle. But tomorrow we’ll awake to a fresh cascading sun peering above those enchanting waters.

And as the sun begins it’s trek upward, I’ll take your hand in mine, and we’ll walk along the cool morning sands in search of new and colorful seashells. Those fresh and beautiful treasures kindly left behind by the retreating pacific tide. As we tread the remaining wade pools we’ll find evidence of the ancient Hawaiians, scratched into the black satin rocks. Petroglyphs as they are called, telling the story of heroics, or maybe something more significant, like family. (Family by the way, means everything to me.)

Have you ever been inside a volcano? I’ve stood upon hardened vents of lava feeling the scorching heat striking up through the cracks below with boiling red, blazing orange bubbles pressing themselves forward through underground chambers in a meandering trek to the sea. The sound of the ocean’s tears could be heard as the fire met it’s roaring death in the crashing waves beneath the cliffs.

Some of those tunnels, carved by an angry mountain were left behind and cooled a hundred years. They were like great black and twisting holes bored by a massive worm. Thankfully no such worm exists, but if it had it would be hideous and bus-size-large. I’d hope to never to see it popping out of the ground after a rainy day.

Exploring the tubes is an adventure of it's own. When the fire has long since retreated, mystery and fascination fill them instead. Turn on your light, and be invited into a deep and twisting corridor of blackened walls. The tunnels stretch for miles until either they reach the ocean, or the stress of time has cracked the ceiling above closing your adventure with a dead end. And while it may seem lonely in the earth's depths, never fear. Without the company of many invading eyes, we can enjoy a long and delicate kiss. But in truth good kisses can be given anywhere. From the crowded streets of Paris, to the quiet interior of home as we sit warmly on the comforts of a cushion.

And as fun as the mysteries and natural beauties of the world are to see, it could never compare to the fascination that I'm invited to by studying your eyes. I do wonder about your eyes. Not just their color, or shape. But when you study a person’s eyes deeply enough you can peer for a moment into their soul. I want to look into yours because I know there is something worth seeing there. In fact I know I could spend a lifetime swimming in the ocean of your soul, because it's the most beautiful thing God ever made on this earth.

Is it strange if I could comfort myself with my ear against your chest listening to the rhythm of your heart? That rhythm I hope would skip for me, as mine does at the thought of you now.

I'm not sure if you've ever tried it, but there is something about hiking up a mountain to dominate it, seeing the history of men etched into the cliffs on the way to the pinnacle. And then as you crest the peak, you sit and take in the stunning views. There is something about the air up there. Although it is thinner, it is inviting, crisp, and invigorating. It feels like waking up on a cool but happy morning, with a warm cup of coffee in hand.

The battering of time on a weary old mountain intrigues me. I love to examine nature's art. There is something about those soft grey stones worn down by thousands of years of wind and rain. There is a beauty left behind that is more polished and refined. Time turns the ancient dirt hills into polished gems worth exploring.

Much like how the many difficult pressures of life, which God carries you through, are meant to refine and polish leaving behind a more beautiful you.

By this I mean an inward Christ like beauty. But when I see you, I know you are beautiful just the way you are. And I hope I could be the guy lucky enough to make you feel that way for the rest of your life.

I hope that God is the center of your life my dove. He is the center of mine and has graced me with a new heart and new beginnings.

Somehow by that same grace He blessed me with successes that I could never have dreamed of achieving in my life-time. This has led me to become very ambitious for the kingdom, and by His grace He has accomplished more than I could have imagined. With that said I will never hesitate nor shall I waver in supporting you and your dreams. Those dreams I do hope are the vision God has given for you for your life. Never be afraid to dream. God is a dream giver after all, just ask Joseph. But do not press forward to fulfill a dream without His Spirit leading you. To be led, sometimes you need to take steps. And how can you take a step unless you know the Lord is leading? Catch 22.. Therefore my beloved, know the voice of the Lord. Sit in His presence and abide daily in it. By sensitizing yourself to His presence, it sensitizes you to His voice. When you lean forward and pay attention to a whisper it is easier to hear. Remember that faith comes by hearing the word of God (Romans 8:14)

Therefore, dream well, and pray fervently that the desires of His heart will fill you. Then without question I will stand behind that and do everything in my power to make it a reality with you. Would you do the same for me?

I want us to have the commonness of compassion and putting others first, especially each other, wouldn't it make a more blissful relationship?

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First Date
Something spontaneous. But most likely a place where we can talk and I can get to know your heart.
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