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4 Yr College Degree
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antivax, Bible, history, poetry, writing, classic literature, pulp fiction, electronic music, science fiction. construction, architecture, agriculture, alternative energy
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Marriage is about sacrificial love, That's what I'm striving for in all areas of my life.
As a farmer, I'm fixed to this beautiful and diverse piece of land. The only reason I'd leave would be for missions. I do short term mission trips most every year so that possibility is always open, though unlikely.

Unlike what seems to be a common, I don't find sports and movies to be generally interesting. I'm into politics and current events. Instead of tv, I listen to the radio, read books, or even just wikipedia.
What I gravitate to is ideas, possibilities, and the function of scholarship as a general method for codifying and developing knowledge.
I also like getting out where I can hear the wind through the trees and watch the birds on the rocks.

What is most important is missions, evangelism, teaching the Bible and helping the hurting.
This must be the basis of my Christian life. Lacking a natural talent for talking to people, it is my aim to learn how. Because I see it as a necessary duty of all Christians to be able to speak about the scriptures, and live them out.

About me:
I wasn't antivax, but now I am.
fundamentalist Christian
wheat farmer
I have read too many books - really.
Tried to be a writer - then stopped - but I can't quit.
I love poetry
jaded political conservative
lover of science
I can cook proficiently.
I fabricate material professionally - and know my limits.
interested in the wonder of nature
missions work is a must, supporting, encouraging, doing.
homeschooling - a big fan. Might consider P.S. as a missions opportunity.
the human spirit is reflected in fine art
really like firearm sports
I often listen to sermons while driving. I love radio and would listen to two channels at once if I could.

I really like knowing how things work and basically knowing a little bit about everything. Working on a farm my whole life has given me a good understanding of tools and fabrication, so I end up being the fix-it guy.
Electronics and computers are something I enjoy, and have gotten to where I repair computers professionally.

Photography has been a significant hobby, mainly farm scenes and landscapes. I'd like a spouse who is willing to be in a photographic narrative that communicates the individual as a part of the landscape.

Horses I like them more than beetles but less than dogs. As a farmer I have access to all the necessities for owning horses. I'm willing to accept the likelihood that a woman willing to marry me will want horses. So if you want them, you'll have horses. Because I'm committed to the principle of self sacrifice. (Sacrificial love may not be capable of handling pedigreed cat breeding - lets not find out.)

I avoid playing computer/video games, they are too much fun, and nothing to show for the time spent. I did play VGA Planets for a while, a space strategy game. Movies hit me the same way, books are my thing, although anymore I find myself reading less and putting more time into research, building and inventing things that might be useful for business and 3rd world development.

It would be kind of nice to meet someone with some business/entrepreneurial inclinations, because in this case, corporations really are people, and I come attached to one in the shape of a farm. A lot of my life is structured around the seasons of planting, growing, repairing, and harvesting. There are a lot of long days. I've never had Saturdays off. On the other hand, most anything you dream of that can be grown or built is possible. Many ladies say they are a princess, how about being a queen - I have lands and castles for you to rule.
There is a degree to which marriage for me is not just finding a spouse, it is also means finding another employee for the farm. There is no way to avoid some level of involvement in the business. Farming is great, but it is a career that reshapes one's life.

I want to find a friend who I can serve with love, write poems to, raise children with, forge jewelry for, and share what lights up the mind.

In a dating relationship, I think what is most important is:
1. shared values
2. shared goals
3. deep friendship

While I'll chat with anyone, I'm really looking for a wife.

Often I get a messages from someone from another country. That's cool, but if your culture is much different than mine, I don't think a relationship is going to work. I certainly wouldn't consider marrying anyone until we had the same citizenship.

I'm not always online searching for people to send messages to, but I definitely will reply. So if you think I might be interesting just say 'hi' to get things rolling. If you are hung up on 'men should lead and initiate, I agree when it comes to actual face to face dating, but this is the internet. Its ok to say "hey you, what's going on?"
You should message me if you love Jesus, wouldn't mind farming, or just want to chat with someone who does.

Ask me what God has shown me today!

Never forget the reality of God's greatness - we can know Him!
First Date
Whatever we do, we are NOT going to steal some cars and chase each other all over town.
Museums seem like a good option, there would be plenty to talk about.
Its always nice to eat at a good restaurant.
Going to pick fruit might be interesting, and useful.
How about going to see a coffee shop band, or the music majors do their end-of-semester recitals at the university?
Lets go find some bugs and watch them.
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