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Writting christian and instrumental music.Playing my keyboard at home and at church playing specials sometimes.Helping in the church when needed.
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Hello,my name is Adam.I enjoy long walks,sharing my belief in God.I help out in my church(running the sound system and helping my church any way I can.I sing specials (solos and with the choir) in the church.There are times when I would play my keyboard in church.The one problem about going out on dates for me that I would only be able to go during daylight hours since I can't drive after dark(night blindness). I would have more problems during the Fall through all of winter.I am disabled(ADHD and Bi-Polar),and I am looking for a woman who is caring ,understanding and patient with me even if I make mistakes.I sometimes have a hard time naming my songs and putting lyrics to the songs,so I hope to find the right woman who can help to guide me in that area.I have been composing for over 30 years and when my mom was alive,she would get discouraged because of not giving my songs titles.She would always ask me how I know what to play,and I would tell her "I just do".so I pray that I can find the woman who is good with words to inspire and help me in my music.:waving:When I put down that I attended some college,I went to a bible college to go into the ministry.I majored in ministry.But it didn't work out.I would have rather majored in music,but they only had a minor in that topic.And I didn't know then that i know now why I didn't do well.It was because of my ADHD and Bi-Polar.I hope to find someone who is in music and play an instrument like the piano for example.Then maybe we can compose music together.I can read music in some ways but I rather play by ear.I can sometimes hear a song for the very first time and if I can focus on that song without distractions,then I can play it exactly the way it is written.I have done that many times.I hope to find the right woman who can help me in that.I can play along side anyone.I have done it before in church.Example:I have a friend who wanted to play a duet with me.She played the piano while I played my keyboard.So I am hoping to find a woman to be part of my duet to perform on earth before our God, (Who is our audience), in life and in music.One of my favorite foods is Lasagna.I enjoy Si-Fi (mostly Star Trek),I enjoy listening to contemporary christian,southern gospel,50's rock and big band.I also like the old TV shows from the 70's and 80's (70's show's like:Good Times,Happy Day's,Lavern and Shirley.And from the 80's:Alf,The Cosby Show and Silver Spoons.I was raised by parent's who adopted me when I was 11.They were much older then most parents(They were raised during the depression),so I was raised with old fashion values.Mom was the one who got me hooked on big band because my favorite big band leader is Glenn Miller.Both of my parent's has went home to be with the Lord ,but I still hold the memories of what they shared with me.I am hoping I can find the right woman who shares the same old fashion values.One thing I will never forget was when dad would teach me on how to be a proper gentleman.I am shy around women so it is hard for me to express myself when sending letters and e-mails.One of the reasons is because my ex-wife was intimidating.I hope I find the right woman who will be patient and understanding with me because of my ADHD and Bi-Polar(which consist of short term memory problems,a hard time focusing,and lack of concentration,sometimes would get too exited,and slow in most things when it deals with doing some tasks.If I can find a woman who can help me in these things and who would want to l get to know me after reading this profile.I was physically abused when I was a baby,and mentally abused by my biological father when I was 7.He had me sent away so he wouldn't see me again.My grandmother,with the help of the Lord,rescued me.She adopted me so my father would not be able to put me away again.She later was diagnosed with cancer and was trying to find someone to take me in.She had a friend who lived here in southeast Ohio who would take me in.After my grandmother went home to be with the Lord,her friend adopted me.So, I hope after you read all of this .that this profile would not scare you away.I am shy at first when meeting people especially with women.I guess you can say that I get tongue tied.I am also not very good in writing letters.I do better talking in person or on the phone.If I find the right woman ,I might write a song for her.If someone who reads this profile who lives outside of my area and is willing to come to Ohio to see me,I would be glad.Besides not only that I would not be able to drive outside of my area because of my night blindness, but also both of my parents and some of my family are buried near me.
First Date
Go out to a nice dinner. Maybe sing for her and play my keyboard for her.Also take a long walk.Maybe read some of my funny poetry(example:my versions of "T'was the night before Christmas","T'was the Night After Christmas",and my version of Jingle Bells.If I get the chance to get to know her,I might write a song for her.
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