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Christ's church, people, work and glory. I also love being outdoors and doing almost anything (biking, hiking, playing sports, flying kites, cooking, punching skunks, etc.). If your profile has pictures showing off your cleavage, please move along.
About Me
Who am I?

Let's see...the short version is that I'm a sinner who has been redeemed by Jesus Christ from a life of enslavement to sin and death.

The longer version is that I'm a guy with multiple biblical/theology degrees (including an MDiv), has been a pastor, is not currently a pastor, and is currently finding new direction in life. Be that as it may, Christ is my Lord and master and if you're looking for a guy who's not playing around when it comes to Jesus, I'm that guy.

I don't have tattoos (except a tramp stamp of Betty White fighting Bruce Lee that you will NEVER see), don't conflate "masculinity" with having certain clothes or cars, own more dress shirts than t-shirts, am not afraid of cooking, leaves the toilet seat down and understand that Christ likeness is more important than anything else. I have 2 kids that are 6 & 7 and I love being a dad, and we're all memorizing our way through the book of Proverbs, learning to not be fools. I've got a long way to go but I'm making progress day by day.

I'm an adult who has a job, owns a car and lives in a basement that isn't my mom's (it's a 3 bedroom suite...I hope that's better?!?). Far more importantly, I'm a Christian who's laboring daily to be more like Christ.

I'm an experienced writer and musician who has taken a hiatus from both for a while, but is wanting to get back into both sometime in the near future. Those are two serious passions.

I'm a fun loving goofball nerd who likes sci-fi and comedy (mostly British), all sorts of music (prog/power metal, rap, bluegrass, gospel, baroque. chamber choir, etc.) and being absurdly silly, cooking and eating (with young kids I'm kinda the family goat), reading, playing with my kids, teaching my kids, getting out of the house and doing pretty much anything (especially if it involves bikes, skis, boards or cooking things over fires), and most of all studying the scriptures and sharing biblical insights with others.

If you're a God-honoring woman who's been disappointed at the cesspool of "Christian" men out there, your search may well be over. THIS cesspool might be YOUR wait.

I think that came out wrong.

But seriously, I'm looking for a serious relationship with a serious Christian woman, and I'm not here for hookups or games or anything dishonoring to anyone, especially Christ.

I'm a man who is responsible, goofy, smart, gentle, strong, chivalrous (unless you're talking about the archaic meaning of "chivalry"...I'm not that AT ALL), continually facing his flaws and attacking them, and wants to find a woman to devote himself to and intoxicate him for the rest of his life.
First Date
Ride robot unicorns through the Sea of Tranquility on the Moon.

Your friends would never believe you, but MAN!


(or possible just coffee and the general cosmic vicinity of the moon)
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