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Hiking, camping, sports, Muay Thai/Jui Jitsu, jogging, lifting weights, stand up comedy, politics, Q, traveling, love for animals, etc... I like trying new things so I'm usually up for just about anything!
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I'm originally from Kansas, but Ive been in Colorado for a few years now and love it. I have 2 incredible parents who raised me to be a gentlemen with Christian values. I'm a kind, caring guy with a good heart, although, if I need to take charge of a situation or stand up for myself/others, I won't hesitate... I had my share of fun in my twenties and wasn't looking for a serious relationship, but I've matured a lot since then and am truly hoping to find somebody that I can spend the rest of my life with. I am not on here trying to hook up... That is last thing on my mind, and I assure you my intentions are good. I'm looking for "the one" who I can devote myself to and protect at all costs... I don't have children but that is something I want. I am a very loyal person if you are loyal to me, and I will NOT cheat. I put the people I love before myself, especially family. I've made my fair share of mistakes in life, but I always try my best to learn from them so they aren't repeated.

I believe in hard work and discipline. Even with working a difficult, demanding job with long hours, I still make time to workout and try to eat healthy... taking care of my body and staying in shape is important to me. Like most people, though, I've gone through periods where I slip up for a few months and then have to get back on the "fitness wagon". That being said, I don't want to offend anybody seeing as it is so easy to do in today's world and people freak out over practically nothing... Not trying to "fat shame", and I am not looking for perfection in a woman as I am far from perfect myself... I'm just not attracted to heavier women. A few extra pounds is fine, but I generally like a thinner, more athletic look. It is what it is... lol I will also say that someone's personality and values are just as important, though. For me, all 3 of those things need to align in order for a relationship to work long-term. I think it goes deeper than that, but I feel that is a pretty solid base... Belief in God and trying to always do the right thing is obviously very important.

I may come off pretty serious so far, but I'm actually a really laid back and fun guy. I love to laugh, and I'm rarely that serious, especially once you get to know me. I'm not a fan of the "PC culture" trend that has sort of taken over lately, but certain things can definitely be taken too far which isn't okay... Some people, though, just need to RELAX and move on with their lives instead of constantly looking for something to be offended by or complain about.

Anyways, feel free to send a message. I'm someone who is pretty easy to get along with.

P.S. I've seen something in Colorado that isn't supposed to exist...
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