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I too introverted to wear my faith on my sleeve. Life in a predominantly unchurched world has taught me the value of patience and trying to live as a quiet example.

I'm also a relatively recent arrival in Maine -- recently enough that I still lack much in the way of local roots. And I have yet to find a local church that resonates with my soul. Recommendations are welcome, but please keep in mind that I'm averse to churches who don't bother to welcome visitors (proselytizing was a mandate from Jesus, every time I've looked) or who insist that their leadership is unquestionably infallible.

Nor do I consider the prospect of meeting "lots of respectable single women" as compelling a reason to join a church as some silver-haired matriarchs seemed to expect me to. I'm too honest and ornery (in a Southern way) to worry excessively about who is or isn't respectable, although I do try to be respect-worthy.

I find it disconcerting that a Christian-focused social site lists "body type" more prominently than things like what you're looking for or the particulars of your faith, and won't take "Nunya" for an answer. Not that I'm ashamed of my body - I think the original artist's work was splendid, but some danged fool has dinged it up in a few spots so there's no mistaking it for "new" or even "like new".

Also, I'm not a man who will thrive in a life of leisure. Given my druthers, I'll retire just in time for my funeral because I need my days to have purpose. I get a lot of satisfaction from doing my job well and, when opportunities arise, helping people around me. I'm happier being a contributor than a consumer of the world around me.

More to follow (maybe)...
Or not. Unfortunately, in addition to there being very few profiles within realistic distance, the message numbers have been 3 to 1 against there even being a real person corresponding (never mind whether there is any common interest). So I may check back from time to time, but otherwise I have healthier things to do with my time.
First Date
Maybe it would be a first date, or maybe it would be the first meeting of new friends. Either would be better than neither.

And I prefer doing something low-key and fun, where what we're doing could help to keep the conversation going. I feel very self-conscious playing "20 Questions" over wine or coffee, and I suspect most of y'all do as well, but add a deck of cards (and some poker trash-talking) and the smiles and conversation both come a lot more naturally. Heck, even folding laundry could be more relaxing than unblinking interrogation. But that's me, and I'm only half of the crowd on any hypothetical date.
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