Annoyingly Unique i.e. not normal.... in need of another ballancing abnormality

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Most things compter related, history, politics, scolding the thunder and lightning
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Eccentric loner, occasional reflexive annoyance to what are now called SJW's, general consternation to snobs. Mischievous towards ideologues, mostly unapologetic for objective truth, sometimes over extends..... I'm special.

Sometimes so funny you laugh all the time (apparently) sometimes so serious I seem to s-uck (this word is banned for some insane reason) all the fun out of the room, might depend on the position of the moon or I might be very slightly bi-polar I dunno.

Can't stand trolling or emotional games, they either shut me down completely or make me angry.... my tolerance for such stupidity does seem higher these days than they were though.

I often know too much and have noticed I info-dump too easily, can't promise that will improve. What won't improve is my tendency to shock with wild knowledge.... or maybe I just have a habit of somehow attracting the blissfully ignorant.

Congratulations with reading this far dear reader, hopefully you are lucid enough to realize that I like most people on this site am perma-broke.... future wifey is gonna be forced to marry me for love.... which would go a ways to prove her equally crazy to me if you think about it, sane people are boring and can't stand me long term anyway.... but then again I always attract a completely incompatible kind of crazy and I am clearly over-thinking this.... this paragraph was an example of me loosing an argument with myself probably.... it happens... I also talk to myself.... good conversation is rare.

Now for physical dislikes which are suitably malleable and prone to emotional interference. I neva tried a woman taller than me but I doubt it will work (always open to new things though), I tried woman twice my size a few times.... it never works. I once tried one that looked like she barely ate.... didn't work. The one you worry that if she falls on you bones will break.... the other you worry that YOU will accidentally break. Plump is nice if you can manage to pull it off.... fat not so much. And yes I'm a scrawny little thing so that explains most of this paragraph probably. Lastly tried going outside my race once... not a mistake I'm gonna repeat.

Finally I refuse to once again attempt to carry the whole relationship (either romantic or plutonic) only my own tired shoulders, somehow I attract woman that for some reason expect me to do all the talking and then get miffed when I "talk too much". You have brains people use them to come up with conversation on your side too sheesh.
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