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Art/design, music, piano/guitar, photography, composition, abstracts, psychology, small biz/concepts, Bob Ross Joy of Painting, the road less traveled, sound no-nonsense Biblical doctrine, natural/holistic/wellness, essential oils, animal friends & rescue
About Me
Grew up with a complex generational psychology on one side of my family.
Coupled with a staunch, ritualistic, living-dead example of religion.
It led me on a tough path through life, and it took many years to shake it.
God never gave up on me, and He changed my heart.
I'm looking at my experiences now in such a way as to make the most of them in order to help others in similar situations.

I appreciate a good, healthy balance by approaching life with a devout seriousness and a soaring free-spirit.

I have a flexible regular job to keep things tended to, and my own work is where I focus & look toward the future.
My private endeavors include things like art & design, music, composition, natural & holistic products, branding, misc. concept development, light manufacturing.
I'm interested in getting into green-housing, homesteading, and/or different forms of gardening to grow select foods & herbs. Also, I'd love to spend more time in the kitchen with the right special someone. I like to center my life around a whole food diet, with a little guilty extravagance here & there.

I'd love to find a woman who enjoys these kinds of things, too, but it is not a requirement by any means to have the same interests when it comes to work, or career-oriented things.
It can be difficult with self-employment to know where to draw the line when it comes to proper time management. But there should be a clear distinction between work & free time to allow a relationship to blossom & grow.
As a dream of mine, I'd prefer my future wife to be able to be a full-time homemaker IF she so desires.

I've reached a point where I'm not looking to spend a vast amount of time with casual dating.
Because of how it's biblically 'not good to be alone', I believe the right relationship will be blessed & also quickly evident in many ways, and discerned through the avenue of continual prayer.
Doubts & inhibitions will fall away.
I'm very interested in a relationship where freedom & mobility is something we can both share & enjoy together - deciding where to put down roots & how much and to where we'd like to travel & adventure, and ultimately to determine where home should be.

Also, I'm a homebody. I do like to get out & about here & there - to go on specific excursions or purposeful adventures - but I believe life & love centers around the marriage relationship & the home - the 2 most important investments.

Please write and share your thoughts. Looking for common wavelengths & good, purposeful conversation - at the narrow crossroads of dreams & practicality.
I hope to find someone at least within the continental United States! I don't mind a road trip, or how distance can even be a good thing at first.
And because I understand overcoming battles & degrees of impossibility, overseas interests aren't ruled out completely, but the practical side may drop significantly. The relationship potential would have to be just right in every way to even dream of pursuing something like this. Yet always with God, the impossible becomes possible.

Bonus points if you actually read my entire profile.
And extra bonus points if you can decipher the meme (hint: the original >rock< song lyrics of the meme).
First Date
Pleasant atmosphere, slow down, breathe easy, talk straight - to relate, and to smile.
And probably some coffee in there somewhere.
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