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Art/design, music, piano/guitar, photography, composition, abstracts, psychology, small biz/concepts, Bob Ross Joy of Painting, the road less traveled, sound no-nonsense Biblical doctrine, natural/holistic/wellness, essential oils, animal friends & rescue
About Me
Life is surreal, and clarity finds us in mysterious ways.
The hard road in life is what is familiar to me.
The beautiful thing is how I am still standing today, able to look back on it.

One side of my family has a complex generational psychology which became a personal, inner antagonist/Goliath.
A long, arduous, labyrinthine path finally ended because God never gave up pursuing me, and He changed my heart.
This invaluable experience & perspective now relate more clearly into my independent work & purpose.

I appreciate a good, healthy balance by approaching life with a devout seriousness, and a soaring free-spirit.

And by receiving all life & instruction from the Word.
Delighting in the Lord brings the desires of the heart. Yet the heart is deceitful & wicked.
And God calls us to self-denial, not self-fulfillment - this is a hard saying.
And sorrow is better than laughter.(Ecclesiastes 7:3)

Not having a child of my own has left a deep void within me. If this is not God's plan for me, then I accept it. If this is still something that aligns properly with God's plan for me, then it is indeed a true desire of my heart.
As we all have our complexities & convictions about things, I will also say that I have my reasons for not wanting to be a step-parent. It may depend greatly on certain factors, and I am happy to discuss this openly & honestly.
But I do desire to be submitted wholly to God's providence in this area as well.

If you write, please share your thoughts. Looking for common wavelengths and good, purposeful conversation - at the narrow crossroads of dreams & practicality.
Because I understand overcoming battles & degrees of impossibility, overseas interests aren't ruled out completely, but let's just say the practical side of it drops significantly.
If you send me a message or a wink and I do not reply, please do not take it personally, and God bless you in what you seek in this lonely world.

Bonus points if you actually read my entire profile.
And extra bonus points if you can decipher the meme (hint: the original >rock< song lyrics of the meme).
Sometimes I shave. Yes, I have all my hair.
First Date
Pleasant atmosphere, slow down, breathe easy, talk straight - to relate, and to smile.
And probably some coffee in there somewhere.
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