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~~~I'm the type of woman who will drop everything I'm doing to run out into a summer downpour(as long as there's no thunder/lightning!) I'm the type of woman who dresses comfortably but loves the occasion to dress up a bit from time to time...Very adaptable and flexible, low-maintenance, all about avoiding stress and drama over the little things, always keeping my eyes open to what God wants to show me in both the planned things and in the changes to my plans.~~~

Tiny Version:
Hopeful, old-fashioned, conservative romantic dreamer seeking a mature and responsible gentleman to sing with, laugh with, cry with, travel with, pray with, and grow with. Must be able and willing to take on the role of spiritual leader in the relationship.
Please note: My profile says that I'm willing to relocate, but I'd prefer staying in the Eastern time zone. So must be from anywhere between Maine and Florida, as far west as Michigan/Indiana, or at least willing to move to this area! **I'd absolutely be open to moving to the Virginia/Tennessee/North Carolina area!!**
ALSO: I just want to be perfectly clear. I will NOT judge you based on your past or your scars(physical or emotional). I only care about the present and future.
***IN REGARDS TO SMOKING AND DRINKING: I'll allow you to message me. HOWEVER. Must be actively trying to quit smoking and/or must not drink in excess or expect me to join you in even one drink, even if it's just wine. My reasoning is as follows: With the smoking, I have a very sensitive nose/sense of smell and can only tolerate so much. With the drinking, I'm not one to say that all alcohol consumption is evil. I realize that some people can handle more than others. But I know me. I like to try new things, and I don't want that to be one of them just because I don't know my limit and I'd rather not learn the hard way. Overall, this is more on me than on you....Absolutely no judgment from me!

**A few important notes**
*Please, don't let the amount of paragraphs intimidate you. I am a writer after all, and put a lot of thought into each and every word/phrase/sentence. If anything, this gives you a lot of material to start a conversation with!
*While I'd love to be married, I'm not about to rush into anything. When I say friendship first, I mean I'll lose interest if the conversation is focused on the possible relationship. If we can't connect on the every-day topics and events, I don't see a future with you. The occasional question or comment about hopes, goals, and dreams is fine, of course...I wouldn't want to waste either of our time, but if that's *all* we talk about, there's no real foundation.
*I'd prefer for you to take the lead. Sometimes I'll initiate conversations, but I'm really bad at coming up with questions. Usually, I'll view your profile and let you view mine back/start the conversation if you're interested. So if I view yours and don't say anything, don't assume I'm not interested. Go ahead and say hi, see where it leads!

Short version:
As Belle sang in Beauty and the Beast, 'I want adventure in the great wide somewhere!' I want to travel. I want to explore. I want to go, do, and be. I love to cuddle, but I'm very selective about that; I don't want to be 'too comfortable' too fast! However, I'm always open to hugs! I love to laugh. Laughter is a great ice-breaker! I want to experience everything God has for me in this life. I went to Word of Life Bible Institute in NY for two years, after 5 years of 'waiting' between high school and college(feel free to ask me about that!). I haven't actually, officially dated in over a decade. I'm VERY new to dating sites in general, so bear with me! I'm not much of a talker over the phone or in-person at first, but once I get writing/typing, it's very easy for my responses to turn into novels. Apologies in advance!
I guess I'm looking for a gentleman, who's more than willing to start out as friends and move slowly from there. I need someone who understands and respects my boundaries, but can also gently coax me out of my shell.
Anything else, well, you'll just have to ask me, or just scroll down and read my 'long version!'

Hey, you found my long version!
Hi! I'm Sarah.
A few things about me:
*I'm old-fashioned, simple, and low-maintenance...No make up for me!
*I avoid drama and try to keep the peace
*I'm reserved and an observer at first but will open up in time, especially with each question asked
*Yes, I'm on Facebook and MeWe. No, I don't have a smartphone/messaging/chat apps nor do I want them. I've a bit of a phone phobia and prefer typing/writing, at least at first. Once we get to know each other more, then we can call/text. Sorry!
*My favorite Scriptures are Psalm 13 and Matthew 6:25-34
*I'm very involved in my church, running the prayer email chain and Facebook page, singing in the choir, and helping wherever else I can

What I'm looking for:
*Friendship first! Let's take things slow...Get to know each other in the every day 'events' of life and how we can pray for/encourage each other!
*A gentleman(I'm old-fashioned, remember!...And a romantic! )
*Someone after God's own heart
*Someone with integrity, who backs up his words with actions and who's honest, trustworthy, and owns up to responsibility
*A good steward...Someone who budgets well. Must be employed or at least looking/have some source of a steady income. (This does NOT mean I'm only interested in your paycheck/wallet. It merely means that I seek security/stability in basic needs being met)
*Someone who's kind, tender, and compassionate(especially around animals!)
*Someone with vision and motivation, especially when it comes to serving, seeking, and following God
*Someone who will gently coax me out of my comfort zone while still understanding and respecting my boundaries. I know that makes for a very fine line, but both are super important to me!
*Someone who listens, understands, encourages, and keeps me grounded as well as makes me laugh as each is needed

**Bonus Fact** You must be able to take care of spiders for me. Yes, I'm serious. Those moments will be THE 'Damsel In Distress' moment for me, and you get to be my knight. Yes, they do too bite. But it's really the legs that get me, especially if they appear out of nowhere right in front of me. No, I'm not proud of my issue with spiders. So if you can take care of them without at my panic, you will definitely earn MAJOR bonus points! Thanks!

My Beliefs:
*I believe that the Bible is absolute truth and that it should never be picked apart like trail mix or taken out of context.
*I believe that salvation is through Christ ALONE and cannot be earned. Good works are meant to be a response of gratitude to the FREE gift we've been given.
*I believe that once saved, always saved.
*I believe we are to love the sinner, hate the sin.
*I believe that it is our responsibility as Christians to make our lives an example and take every opportunity to share God's message of love, truth, mercy, and grace. Whether it's on the streets, at work, or even the church opening its doors Halloween night(gasp!). My church does the latter, and the community is hugely appreciative of the warmth, rest stop, and free food/hot drinks, they get to go inside a church when they otherwise wouldn't, and we make sure to hand out tracts and make ourselves available for questions. I know this isn't a popular thing among Christians, but I like to think of it as being a pumpkin, letting the light shine through in the midst of darkness. And it works.
*I firmly believe in submission and in the husband taking the lead. This does NOT mean the wife is to be a doormat, that her voice doesn't count, or that she should endure abuse whether physical, emotional, verbal, etc. Submission is done out of love, in a response to the love she is shown. Submission has nothing to do with capability or importance. It's merely obeying God's order of things as He clearly describes in His Word.

There's so much more I could put here, but I'll leave that to the messaging! If you read this far in its entirety, I applaud and thank you! You've certainly earned some "bonus points!"
First Date
Nothing too formal. I'd be a nervous wreck as it is...I'm really not a social person. Maybe mini golfing or browsing an open market or thrift store...Something casual and fun, with plenty of opportunity for laughter to break the ice!
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