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i, I''m new to the DC area, looking for other lonely people to meet up for coffee, deep conversation, and exploring the city. I''m not for everybody: I''m Christian and try to live simply, and to be plain and practical. I don''t curse or drink and I used to teach preschool, so some people find me sickenly sweet, and I''m sorry about that, but not sorry enough to be nasty just to make them happy! Anyway, I think it''s important for everyone to feel accepted, and to be kind. I just try to follow my heart.

Ok? So if you are looking for someone nice to talk to, if you feel like you have a deep inner life or a lot of imagination and no one to share it with, maybe that''s me. Bonus points if you might enjoy listening to someone else who thinks they have a deep inner life (I mean me-- that should be obvious, but you never know who''s reading these things, lol). I guess in-person conversation and adventure partners are what I''m looking for here. To talk about trains, jazz, God, fantasy football, string theory, metaphysics, whatever is on our minds. Just be patient with me if I don''t know anything about what you want to talk about: I''ll try to figure it out.

If we want to try to have things in common (more bonus points), I grew up in the country so I love nature, gardening, and vegetables. I also love Pilates, Bob Dylan, Matt Redman, CSPAN, Raymond Chandler, action movies, old movies, cooking, cleaning, driving (road trips), New Orleans, seafood, reading, and that show Seventh Heaven. (I said not for everyone!) Folk music of all kinds, really. And jazz that''s not too crazy (Ornette Coleman is just about my cutoff), Christian pop, and a lot of others. They Might Be Giants. (Trying to filter out the folks who are going to find me really annoying here, and save them some time!)

I am looking for a church home, I''m pretty politically tolerant, and I have a cat, so maybe steer clear if you are allergic to cats.

I like to joke around and when I''m nervous sometimes I pretend to be stupid. I wish I could be a writer some day, but I''m too shy to show my writing to anyone. I am hard working and have no tolerance for laziness (sorry). I would be into volunteering if you are into a good cause. I live in Takoma Park to be closer to work but I'm hoping someday the move back Northern Baltimore county, maybe open my own preschool when I retire. Right now I work full-time in downtown DC.
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