Looking for a friend that might turn into the partner of my life.

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all things to do with horses, animals, books, country living, music, studying, learning, trivia, cultures, history, food, nature, movies but not chick flicks
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My main focus is looking for someone who can be a GOOD FRIEND FIRST. I want to get to know you well before we get serious.
I am an animal adoring, outgoing, intelligent woman with definite blonde moments. I was raised with boys as neighbors, and a muscle car loving dad and a horse loving mom. I just love horsepower I guess! I am comfortable in both worlds, cars and horses get my blood going! In the summer I spend a lot of time with my horse and the horse club I belong to.
I have had very, very good platonic friends who were red blooded american males. Hanging out with the boys was fun, and they honored me by letting me in their inner circle. Not much surprises me anymore when it comes to a man's thought processes! LOL! Sometimes I am not proud of this knowledge, but once you know some things, it is hard to un-know (or not think) them.
I am most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, I go to work in scrubs, but dress up for church (most of the time) and special occasions.
I love God, My Father, I believe in the sacrifice Jesus made for us, and I have the Holy Spirit living within me. I am NOT some kind of freak. God has proven over and over in my life that he loves me and continues to care for me. I have had issues with "man" as a race and with, "men" as individuals, but not ever with God. : D If you want to become a better you and honor God while doing it, I'm right there with you. This is where I am in my walk with Christ.
Compared to most women, I am not high maintenance, but I can appreciate a man who will surprise me with good things from time to time. I am not afraid of getting dirty or working alongside you. Not afraid to break my nails, besides, they grow back pretty fast. LOL
Currently working on losing some of my 'fluffyness' so I am chewing a lot of rabbit food, and seeing some promising results. It's much nicer to fit into those fancy clothes for a night out!
I have medical issues with my feet, and my knees bother me at times, so some walking/hiking activities are difficult. Exercise just for the sake of exercise doesn't equate for me. My mind doesn't stay motivated. I prefer to be active by working at the barn, and seeing something immediately tangible as a result of my activity. I come from people who farmed and raised animals, they didn't spend time exercising! Problem is, I work at a desk for most of my work week. Maybe you have some constructive ideas that would help me?
Learning new things is a lifelong wonderful process to me. I am computer literate, enjoy books, movies and TV, almost all furry or feathered animals, history, puzzles, crafting, and many, many other interests. I like to sing. I am a rock and roll child, but enjoy almost anything except rap and opera. Currently listening/singing to a pop christian praise station on the radio. My mind is always churning, and to keep it busy I enjoy computer mahjong and solitare, reading for pleasure, reading to improve myself, studying the Word and many other things.
My wonderful son is grown and on his own now. He has dubbed me the world's oldest teenager because I like to let my child side enjoy a moment of being a carefree kid once in a while. LOL!
Write me and if things sound right for both of us, I'd love to meet you! Thanks for reading all of this! If you want to let me know you read this, use the word "Appendix".
First Date
Meet as friends in a place we can talk for coffee or dinner (dutch, if you like).
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