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pedal steel guitar, banjo, ukulele, cooking, movies, website ministry
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Hello, I love truth and God. I love honesty and don't like liars. I am King James Bible only and hate the corrupt modern versions. I hate waiting for anything. I love pizza and burgers/fries once or twice a week, but I take care of my health and usually try to eat healthy each day, vegetables and whole grain bread, and go walking. I am 52. I'm not into modern gadgets and don't like texting, nor do I want a cellphone. I'm old fashioned, preferring a simple life. I love all stringed musical instruments! Pedal steel guitar and lap steel are my favorite, and I am good at both. I also love the banjo, bluegrass. I just perform at home, never in a band. I play ukulele, since I live on an island. I love scary movies, like John carpenter's 1984, "The Thing." I love science fiction, "Jurassic Park," "Star Wars," "Independence Day," et cetera. I love all kinds of decent films. I am not into anything weird or illegal, I live a clean and honest life. I've never smoked or drank booze! I'm a fun-loving guy. I love to dine out, or just stay home and eat. I am definitely a homebody, but love to get out.

I have an old neck injury, from 1992, that causes me constant pain, in the bony area of my neck. I do take prescription pain meds, since 2007, which greatly help. I am not a druggy! I believe in honesty, so I want you to know who I am, no games. I've had difficulty finding a good Baptist church on Guam, but I have infrequently visited different churches. I am willing to relocate, if I can find my soul mate. I am divorced, since 2006. My wife left me and filed for divorce. I have lived alone since, with no girlfriends, and it has been lonely and difficult for me. I really would like to find a loyal helpmeet and remarry!

I am romantic and love physical intimacy, but my first and only wife did not. It was one of numerous issues. I am just being honest. Physical intimacy problems are one of the main causes of divorce. I know there is much debate over divorce and remarriage, but the Scriptures plainly teach in 1st Corinthians 7:2, "Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband." Remarriage is the only way to fulfill this Scripture. I am a grateful graduate of Hyles-Anderson College (1985-1993). I am mentioning these things upfront, because I know many Christian women do not want a divorced man. I completely understand. I love Jesus and am not ashamed of Him in public.

Please know that I live on Guam, a tiny island in the south Pacific, about 13 degrees north of the equator. Guam is 6,000 miles west of California. I've lived here for 15 years. I am originally from Chicago, where I grew up. So if I meet someone online in the United States, we can Skype to get to know each other, and then we can go from there if we feel a connection. I am not in a hurry to rush into a bad marriage, so I am okay with taking our time to get to know each other, which I am sure a lot of ladies would prefer. Traveling is very costly. I am willing to relocate, but it is a major life's change, which I would do to find a wife. Loyalty is very important to me. I hate feminism. I believe that a husband ought to be loving, a leader, level-headed, calm and cool, protective, and the provider of the family. I believe both a husband and a wife should have a servant's heart toward each other!

I am a private person and don't like company, as a general rule. Three's a crowd! So I am hoping to find a wife that doesn't have a bunch of friends. I don't keep close friends, and am a loner, like John the Baptist (but I don't wear camel skins, eat locusts or live in the wilderness...lol). I believe a husband and wife ought to be a team, best friends, pals, lovers and close to each other. I hate interference with my marriage from meddlers, and they're everywhere nowadays, destroying marriages. If a wife is weak-minded, people will coach her to divorce. A godly woman doesn't divorce. Proverbs 31:12, "She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life." My favorite definition of a marriage is: Two people making a life for each other. Thank you for reading this!
First Date
I would take the initiative to choose a public place to go for a walk, eat, pay for the dinner, bring a small gift, and not try to make physical contact. I realize that many women are concerned about first dates, so I would be a complete gentleman (as on all dates). I would try to make her laugh, and get to know her personality. I think a woman that doesn't smile is bad from the start. When I see a woman's profile photo, and she has a sour look on her face, I go no further! Something is wrong with a person who never smiles, especially in a profile photo. A smile shows the Lord's sunshine on our face. I would keep the conversation topic general. I love talking about God and the Bible. I would pay attention to her words, and see what interests her, and go from there. A final word to you ladies, if you contact me and I don't respond, it just means I don't feel comfortable with your profile, which in no way is a reflection on you; It's me. We all have to feel comfortable with the person we are considering sharing our life with. So please don't be hurt if I don't respond, kindly. Thank you for reading this. = -)
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