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Sports, Nature, Travel, Family, Talks and Walks, Music
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I am a 58 year old male, Kind, Believer in Christ and God, I am a retired Safety Manager (28) years. I was a athletic player and also a coach of Football, Basketball, Track and Field, and Swimming. Competed at beyond high School Levels. I write, play, and sing music also. Began singing in church at 6 ears old. Play guitar and some keyboards. I believe in respect ,honesty, love, romance, magic, and that live is a blessing full of wonder. I love waterfalls and thunderstorms. I love children and enjoy coaching them and giving back. I have 2 lower leg amputations and use prophesies to walk. Diabetes which I was stupid and didn't control. Now is under control. I walk with a cane. Don't let that fool you. I still medal at senior games and the VA wants me to compete in National events. I am country and city both. Dress up and casual. I want a best friend and though it is corny a soulmate. I am worthy for a good lady. I have been asking God for this my whole life and even though I am older still know he will deliver this to me. I believe in the power of Prayer Big Time. Not perfect, lol No one is except Christ any way .Positive outlook with the glass always half full.
I am separated and getting ready for a divorce. I have stayed with my wife for over 25 years. Now over 2 years ago she quit sharing her life with me life. I have not ever cheated on her that is not what God would want a spouse to do ever. I made great money and have always provided for my family. When I got sick she became cruel. I have never shared a bed with her or anything sexual for over 2 years. Most of all she does not ever pray with me and doesn't talk or care to talk about God or Jesus with me at all. A marriage without God is not healthy at all. I love Jesus. I have prayed about this every night for over 2years. I have moved on finally. I once again am not a cheater. Period. I just want to find someone who loves and wants to share my life and my love of Christ. We are nothing without him. After 3 years of being told you are evil, falsely accused of cheating when you haven't being told that you are hated I just can't live my life this way. I am on here because like I said I find my true love. A women to share prayers and God with. I am honest and will not ever play games with ones heart. I know that probably makes some people think I shouldn't be on here until I am completely through with the divorce. I do understand people being Leary of me. I was faithful in this marriage. The last 2 and half years is not close to what the lord thinks a marriage should be. I can only hope that you will ask God about me, you should anyway but he knows no false statements from me. I give all my heart. I If you want a good Christian and God fearing man I am truly one. Reading this should at least show you I speak true. I know some will judge me and that's ok but God knows me. Building a relationship on solid ground not sand is the way. Your partner should be your best friend also. A great friend and a guy that God is put 1st, Family and friends second and me. I am third. God Bless and I hope this finds you with many blessing and safe.
So where are you and where have you been. lol Smiles to You
First Date
Just talk and get to know each other more. Somewhere a bit quiet but safe. Maybe hot chocolate. Open for discussion of course.
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