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Hello all!
**I would prefer my match to be in the USA. I will not be anyone's passport or way towards a green card. I mean no disrespect.** I will chat with those outside of my country but will not pursue a serious relationship.
I just moved to Pittsburgh not long ago from Florida. Thank you for checking out my profile! I enjoy music and I think one can express themselves in song the way they want if they can't find the words to say. I'm looking for a gentleman who is kind, smart, compassionate, loyal and honest. A man that does not just, "talk the talk," but really tries his best to "walk the walk," with our Lord. No one is perfect for We all have fallen short of the Glory of God. I thank him because I am not who I used to be! :-)
I would love to get married however it is the Lord's will if that should happen or not. I do not want to rush anything. Eventhough it may be difficult, I want to follow God's plan because He does know what is best for his children.
I'm seeking someone who has a nice sense of humor, has an open mind, cares about himself and others, is reasonably healthy and has a good work ethic. I am not desiring someone that is very wealthy however I do not wish to have a future with someone who goes from job to job and they can't take responsibility for their life. I work hard for all that the Lord has blessed me with and I simply want a man that does the same. A gentleman that knows how to treat a lady with respect, love and dignity. I know how to treat a man with those qualities. I am loyal, a good listener and always looking to build my man up rather than tare him down. The world does enough of that already!
I am old-fashioned with values and I like to have old-fashioned fun! No matter if it is cooking together, staying home, swimming, worshipping the Lord, going to church, concerts, out to eat, sporting events... The list could go on and on! :-) The Lord does know your heart and it is what is on the Inside of a person that will truly count in the end. With that said, I put Reasonably healthy because I enjoy walking, swimming when able, traveling, exploring new areas and I would quite enjoy someone to do those things with. It is boring doing fun stuff by yourself.
The pictures have been updated to the best of my ability. They are pics of my guide dog and I. I am blind and use a guide dog to get around. I also use a screen reading software called Jaws to read the text on the pc screen. My dog is very smart (to smart for her own good sometimes lol..), friendly and loving. She is a black Lab and 6 years old. Her and I come as a team! :) She loves people and other animals. Do not let the, "disability," of blindness blind you to the facts (Haha, see what I did there?) that I take care of myself, work and live life just like the rest of the folks that have sight. I have been doing so since the day of my birth. The Lord has decided this so I do not let it impede my life. I am writing this to lessen the many misconceptions about being blind. Like the Aba song says, "you can take a chance on me!" lol! On a serious note, due to many of the misinformation portrayed I feel I must clarify that I do not desire, nor am I looking for, a caretaker, money or pity. Such a shame I must write that in 2019!! Ask anyone that knows me and they will nod and laugh in disbelief that I need or want any of that. Again, I put this out here to try and ward off those who may think certain things due to how we are made to look or seem in the world and media.
I love walking, cooking, history, Broadway though not all musicals, reading, writing, learning new things, the movies, going to church, singing and talking about our Lord and Savior. I can testify to how Jesus Christ has changed my life! :)
If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask. Don't be shy!
May God bless you! Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart!
P.S. If I take the time to send you a message it is polite and courteous to let me know either way if you're interested in me or not. Honesty really is the best policy! In return, if you send me a message I will also do the same. It is polite and really is the Christian thing to do! I am not here to lead anybody on nor do I want that!
P.P.S. I know this is a long profile so thank you for reading until the end!! Here is a question for you: Who is your favorite sport's team? If you do not like sports, what is your favorite thing to do on your down time? :)
First Date
I would like to go somewhere where you and I could talk and get to know one another. Somewhere nice to listen to music or have a cup of coffee or tea and chat. But I know first dates can be nerve whatever that the two of us feel comfortable doing would be fine with me!
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