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I love Jesus. I love teaching the Word and Fellowship I like gardening, exploring, hiking, walking, and sight seeing, but mostly seeking God is what pleases me.
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I love Jesus and I love people.
What an amazing life. Everybody says I should write a book. I guess I should. Just too busy seeking God's Awesome Son, Jesus Christ. The King of Glory, slain on a tree for us. What a bizarre concept. That God would humble Himself to die the most horrible death imaginable. And for you and I? Maybe for you. But for Me? Don't you know what I've done? I hated God for what He put me through as a child. Tortured, Raped, and molested as a small boy. What kind of God let's an innocent little boy suffer so horribly?
I wanted NOTHING to do with that God. Until I took 10,000mgs of drugs, enough to kill 10 horses. Had an awakening. Tried to reason it away. But real love feels a certain way. Never felt that way before. So strong. So pure. So Wonderful. How could I run from that? Well I did. For 30 more years. So what if there was a God? I wanted to serve myself. So He came closer. No running from the magnet of His love. He took me to the secret place. The Secret Place of the Most High. It was an incredible journey. But that didn't begin to compare with what I found there in the secret place. I found Him. Just me. And Him. Whoa! His love more powerful than a hurricane. A thrill beyond reason or understanding. My Father. Never had an earthy Father. That demonic sadistic man that pretended to be my Father was the Devil in the flesh. Torturing me, enjoying my screams of pain. I lived my life with the "victim" mentality. Oh whoa is me, poor me, poor me, pour me another one...Till He revealed His Son in Me. I used to get high. Now I found the Most High. Nothing can begin to compare to His love. Nailed to a tree. The Kingdom awaits. Join me.
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I am a little older, but much wiser.
I am an American. I love the Lord and I love people who love the Lord and I love people that are searching. I am always ready to give a reason for the hope I cherish. I love spreading hope and encouragement. I feel called to Minister to those trapped in bondages like the ones the Lord freed me from-substance abuse and bitterness. But mostly, I seek Him. Nothing compares to Him and His love. His arms are open. He loves us as a husband loves His wife. He's building a Kingdom for us right now. After all, He is a carpenter. But this Kingdom's made of pure Gold. 1500 miles long and 1500 miles wide. But you know what else? It's 1500 miles HIGH! What's the tallest building on earth? A mile high? I doubt it. This golden city is 1500 MILES HIGH! Unfathomable. I keep my heart on Him. On His Kingdom. And He takes care of Everything else. Miracle after miracle. Every single day. I'm so used to miracles, they seem ordinary. But I don't think about the miracles. I think about the holes in His hands and in His feet. I think about His blood. His precious, Royal blood poured out and shed ike a common criminal. And for me? And for you? It STAGGERS me. It not possible. But it's true. Who would I die for like that? Who would you die for like that?
I won't begin to pretend that I could love someone that much.You know what the greatest temptation of all time was? When they said, 'IF you ARE the Son of God, come down from the cross, then we will believe You.' Don't you know He could have? EASILY. I would have. Would you have stayed up on the cross if you had the power to come down OFF the cross? If you would have stayed up there, you are a MUCH better person than I am! I'm only human. Born to make mistakes. But no mistake, I'm keeping my mind and heart on Him. And He's taking care of EVERYTHING ELSE.
Be blessed above measure, my sweet sisters in Christ.
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