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I really want a romantic relationship with a christian woman that loves God. I got a past but wow that would be so great if I could find somebody that would look past it. With the amount of bad decisions I've made I already have a hard time living with myself so I don't want to add to that by getting with someone that will purposely remind me of the sins God has forgiven me of. Life hasn't turned out the way I've wanted it to and for some reasons that's really good and for others it's sorta bad but each day I want nothing less then to grow closer to God. I don't really know what that looks like but I've had some real glimpses maybe you could help me figure it out. I'm just saying it would be so nice to have a woman that would pray with me, stay with me, grow with me. Wow that's such a rare find I've only heard of it must just be that uncommon. I haven't met many christian women but the ones I have met either just want a man to do everything for them or don't really want someone unless they are nearly perfect. Anyways I don't know what else to say but we should talk. I'm the kind of person you have to get to know before we can have the most interesting conversations so don't expect me to flatter you with words right away ;)
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