Apostolic Pentecostal here.Hi :)I'm here for dating.

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A Marriage Partner
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Apostolic Sanctuary, New Life Fellowship.
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Once or Twice a month
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1 or 2 on occasion
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No way
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Do you want children?
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Some College
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Domestic stay at home mom, part time on call nurse assistant and writing to publish a book.Will be looking for more work soon. I work part time. I'm also starting business sales.
Ministry, I am writing a book to publish. I enjoy music, singing, karaoke, church, taking walks, sunsets, cuddles, movies, chocolates, coffee and conversation, romance to name a few and the simple things in life.
About Me
(I will not give out my phone number right away and no I don't use wattsapp and phone apps. I use Facebook and Skype.)

Hi my name is Carolyn. :)
My personality type is INTJ, The Architect.
I like structure.

(I am not ready for a relationship right away. I am interested in getting to know people and if I happen to find my match then would love to see if we eventually become serious.)

I am looking for marriage.
(What I live for)
What I'm most passionate about is
living for Jesus. ❤️
I go to church, I sincerely have devoted my life, my heart and everything to my Lord.
I'm an Apostalic Pentecostal.
I wear skirts /dresses every day.
I am spirit filled, not ashamed to speak in tongues during prayer as part of my life style of prayer.
I'm not saying I'm perfect, I am still being transformed in his image. I am a Christian not because I'm perfect, I'm a Christian because I love to be wrapped around in the arms of God and his love. :) ❤️
I wouldn't say that I'm a better Christian than others who haven't experienced what I have. It is like once you've encountered the presence of God, feeling and embracing his love like I have, you would hope that every one else will and what better way to be close to your spouse if you could get intimate with God together. The creator of love and life itself. I do not just go to God in the bad times, I also go to him in the good times with Thanksgiving and worship and n praise. ❤️

(My social life.)
(Who I might match up with.)
I'm an introvert mostly . Definitely not for the traveler type of guy, due to not much money and my commitments to my family life I do not travel much.I might want to travel a little bit with the right person but my main focus is having a family and caring for the needs of the children. I am more for type of man who is ready to settle down and make home our main happiness. Although I would enjoy getting out too, I love the country and simple things in life.
I'm not really into the typical social trends. I just think everyone is copying eachother and I like to be authentic and old fashioned . :p
My friends are very few, I have more aquantances than anything else. Wich could be a good thing because then I'm still open to let more people in. Yet I am very selective who I would let in my life.
I don't really care for popularity. I am actually turned off by someone who is very popular because then when would he have room in his life or time for me?
Although it is arrogance that I don't like, so if he is really nice and if his friends are then I can adapt.
If I would consider it, you must be an interesting very sweet man, who also loves the Lord. :)
(I'm a mom.)I have 1 child. I won't put much info online for safety reasons .
I am a devoted mother. ❤️
I love my child very much.
(What my child would say about me.)
My child would say I'm funny.
I am a funny mommy.
I probably don't show that side right away, or maybe I would a little bit if you are also funny. Yes I enjoy a good sense of humor. I would say my sense of humor is age 10? 😂
My mom would say I'm a very sweet girl.
Very thoughtful,probably the most patient loyal person you would meet.
My aquantances might say, she's a nice lady, she needs to come around more. :)

I want to do things God's way wich is wait until marriage and will only marry someone who shares such attraction with me, ❤️I want to enjoy God's gifts in life together, such as love and sex in marriage etc. If we share attraction, then we should marry it's biblical scripture.

(I'm very romantic.) ❤️
I'm definitely for the romantic type of guy.
I guess though everyone has their own idea in what romance is and finding the one who matches me would be very nice.
(Top thing I would want to do with him.)
One of the things I would enjoy in a relationship on a regular basis is lots of cuddling, ❤️talking and meeting basis on things in life that we agree on, finding we match like soul mates seeing eye to eye on alot of things. Even when things don't work out all the time as life has its twists and turns, we would still hold eachother thru it all and always find a way to think positive and work through them the best we can and see each other through those tough times too.
We would also enjoy the good times as well and even find a way somehow to smile and wipe away eachothers tears thru the sunshine and the rain.❤️
I also want someone who would pray together❤️ with me and hold faith that everything will work out according to the Lord's will.

(My Interests.)

I am interested in ministry.
I am also writing to publish books.
I enjoy taking walks, music, singing,karaoke, learning to play piano and guitar. I love worshipping God at church. I enjoy prayer and devotions.

I love to sing and listen to Christian music, I also like 80s music, soft rock, country, oldies, some pop, classic rock and some rock etc

(Do you like these foods too?)
Foods, I like Mexican, Asian, Italian, Midwestern, Southern, Healthy, yes junk foods too. Let's just say, I like food haha
I like eating healthy and having a treat once and a while. I enjoy cooking sometimes, I can make baked, casserole, slow cooker etc nice meals. I like to play 1950's housewife when I have the chance. :)
(How I think.)
I enjoy history and the fashions of history. I like classic fashions mixed with a bit of modern is my style. I love dressing up. I like 1930's,50s,60,etc.
If you've seen a good movie like The Notebook then you would know what I'm talking about. :)
(Do you have same limits?)
I do like a little wine once and a while or a beer. I believe in moderation alcohol is healthy, especially red wine, it helps clean arteries n stuff but.... I am not into alot of drinking and alcohol to the point where you depend on it or to drunkenness. A little buz on occasion is fine. I only have a drink maybe once or twice a year, so I'm not much of a drinker at all.

I like balance in life.
Too much of anything is not healthy.
Although too much of a few things such as Jesus, love and tlc is never too much! :) ❤️
My intention for dating is to see if we are compatible for marriage.
Things I would do on a first date.
I would enjoy old fashioned type of dating. Going to a movie, out to a nice dinner, out for a walk together.
2nd date: Maybe a drive in movie?
A picnic on a blanket at the park?
3rd date and so on, getting to know eachother more and we could make a list of our favorite things we like to do and see wich ones we have in common and wich things we are willing to try. :) ❤️ 😉
I'm open for outdoor stuff also, I would love fishing, to try camping, love bonfires, small hikes, nature, bbqs. Being at the river, ocean etc Sight seeing I love all that.
Let's just say, sometimes I like surprises. :)
I'm definitely a list person.
(Are you ready for this?)
Engagement would be nice maybe in 3 months followed by marriage in 6months to a year as our passions and kisses grow stronger and yet saving the best for after our commitment to love each other faithfully first. Is my idea of dating.

(It's ok, I'm also not ready yet. We just met.)
Those would only happen after I've talked to and gotten to know someone enough to even think that he would even be suitable to take that special place in my life. I understand that takes some time and trust with the right person.
(Let me say this again I enjoy romance! :)

I am a bbw, I've been overweight most of my life and curvy. So if you desire a skinny girl, you can move along. I'm fine with that. I have enough self love., :) I also enjoy eating healthy. I recently just lost weight again so who knows where my weight will be. I prefer a guy who would love me now and love me still if my weight changed so. Yet I hope he doesn't push me to lose or to gain even. I just want to be healthy...

If it's a long distance relationship, I would like to have a relationship going through texts, Facebook, Skype,old fashioned letters?❤️ Eventually we might meet if we find alot in common. A relationship needs loyalty and dedication. (Do we share the same values and limits?)
I base my values on the Bible and Jesus, I will not settle for less. Fornication is not part of dating. Sex is for marriage. If I wasn't interested in sharing a passionate relationship with someone well then why would I want to get married? I am seeking God's gifts in my life. Marriage is a gift from God, ❤️if we do it in a way that is honorable in his designed way.

(Get to know me this way.)
I have alot more pictures on Facebook.
Facebook is how I keep in touch with my friends and family.
I might add that even though I would love to find someone and a certain type to marry, that is up to God's will and maybe he wants me to remain single and I'm ok with that. It's in God's hands really. 🙌

(Not looking to hook up, I'm looking for marriage.)(no scams I will not send money and I don't trust that easily, everything is 1 step at a time.)
I don't want any spiritual soul ties or anything like that, I just want a husband who also doesn't want others he just wants a wife.

I am Holy Ghost filled, baptized in Jesus name.Amen! :)❤️
God bless you all! ☀️
First Date
I like and prefer old fashioned traditional dating. ❤️
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